Interactive Displays

Gone are those days when bringing books into classrooms was mandatory, when not underlining the important points in books led to some furious reactions by teachers; students of the 90s can surely tell their experiences.

Growing brains with innovative solutions such as interactive flat panel displays are now finding ways to make learning amusing instead of mundane.

In the field of EdTech learning, Interactive Displays are the most accepted innovative solution nowadays. Teachers and students are both enjoying these technological advancements in the classroom due to their excellent inbuilt features.

Interactive display and its features:

An interactive display is a touch-screen panel installed on the wall that facilitates real-time interaction among the users. It is widely accepted in classrooms as well as in workplaces because of the adoptable features included in it.

The interactive display consists of several features as it consumes low power, has 4k resolution, includes all interactive classroom suites, possesses a dual operating system, has a multi-touch enabled to function, mirrors four-screen simultaneously, and software it possesses is myviewboard or whiteboard.

An interactive classroom suite is an important feature of an interactive display:

Writing tools-

Amongst the above important features that are going to be discussed in this blog are interactive classroom suites including marker, paintbrush, highlighter, laser pen, AI pen, and magic line pen available with region eraser, text, and shape pen. All the mentioned tools can make an interactive touch screen visually enlightened; by highlighting with the highlighter, laser pen, and marker to make your content easily readable and confined. AI pen used in interactive touch screen can be used to demonstrate any concept to students using images from Google.

Research image from the internet-

While in the classroom one is supposed to enhance their imaginative capabilities to connect to texts, but what if they could instantly find images from the internet for topics listed in their book? This is the option offered with interactive displays. Having the inbuilt option of browsing one can connect to the internet for whatever references the teachers want in the classroom.

Record the session for references-

In Interactive Display, you will find a screen recording feature that lets you keep track of what's happening at the classes, so if you're unable to attend classes you can listen to recordings later.

Inbuilt animated libraries-

Animations are a great tool to use when studying. The animated pictures integrated into interactive displays promote visual learning, which enhances students' approach to learning.

Export/import your file in any format-

Last but not least the most important feature which many would agree to be best is that you can import and export your file in any format; also, there is the option of print available. Easily share the important files or study materials amongst your circle to be informative and make others too with an interactive display.


Every era has its own advantages so we cannot say that students today are very fortunate that they are able to learn in such a technologically essential environment, they do have their own challenges for sure. All technological handling really gives them a tough taste.

But with more innovative solutions coming up students are being tech-nourished and relishing the demanding learning solutions with EdTech solutions like Interactive displays.