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Power to Education is Innovation!

We are continuously progressing in the field of education since the rise and importance of the integration of digitalization in education. The paradigm shift in teaching & learning has not only attracted teachers to teach well but also has made several educational institutes adopt the same.

From schools to colleges to universities every classroom is now being embraced with technology. Classrooms are becoming more engaging and interesting. Technologies like digital boards, interactive displays, interactive boards, podiums for auditoriums, LED walls, and many more are transforming the complete education system worldwide.

Here in this blog, we will be discussing one of the most liked technologies of today’s time encouraging learners to attend classes, the Interactive Displays.

What is an Interactive Display?

With the rise in demand for this edtech product for classrooms, we at Globus are continuously progressing and researching to the core to make a difference in the education system. The Interactive Display is our prime edtech product which has not only changed the arena of delivering classes but also has completely innovated it.

video conferencing

video conferencing

Interactive Display and its features:

The wall-mounted display is available in many different sizes of 65/75/86/98/110 inches based on users’ requirements. Any of the sizes is preferable for classrooms to create engagement in classrooms and provide quality education to the learners.

Highlighting features of best Interactive Displays:

  • Easy to use
  • 4k High dynamic range
  • Multiple screen sizes
  • Interactive touchscreen
  • Screen-sharing options
  • Internet connectivity
  • Compatible operating systems
  • Designed to support hybrid/offline mode
  • Inbuilt animated libraries
  • Record the session for references
  • Real-time feedback and assessment
  • Impactful audio experiences
  • Maximum gesture control
  • Inbuilt interactive suite
  • Eye-protection mode
  • Advanced security features

video conferencing

Other than these enriched features in the display, Globus offers a complete and unified solution of the products based on users’ requirements that packs all the features for modern classrooms.

Transforming higher education:

Some of the transformative advantages that universities are embracing include the ability to work in collaboration with new technologies like advanced learning management systems, online learning, distance education & many more. Multimodal teaching is becoming possible due to technology, which is also altering curricula and fostering new kinds of online research, collaboration & new methods of teaching transforming the way sessions are taken.

Using the best Interactive Displays in the classroom, education is seeing a transformational experience. Teachers can use interactivity tools to enhance engagement in classes. Providing a better viewing experience, with the help of displays teachers can deliver lectures with the help of presentation. Presentation in any class is an essential aspect of delivering any lecture, with the help of interactivity in displays, presenters are able to anecdote over the available content. It becomes easy for learners to concentrate in such lectures, and also variety of images are used to explain the concept in the display easily.

Using visual aids, emphasizing the subject effectively, gestures for frequent change in pages, inbuilt charts, excel, word, and data sheets to explain concepts more than easier, Interactive Display offers multiple enhanced features to bring out excellent outcomes.


Accepting these paradigm shifts has been beneficial as it has helped teachers explore multiple methods to deliver sessions effectively. Learners on the other hand are enjoying new & interesting methods of teaching

The aim of any tech providers along with the help of institutions is to bring change ensuring comprehensive development of learners. With strong efforts, perfect guidance from teachers, and effective usage of technologies in classrooms students are able to shape their academic path.