Breathing clean air, which is our basic human right, has become a luxury for many of people residing in densely populated urban settings across the globe. A simple and vital process of breathing that is intended to blow life into our lungs is now drawing millions of toxic particles into our body, making us prone to many life-threatening diseases. And the sole reason behind this is Air Pollution, which we are going to discuss at length throughout this week.

As in many countries, air pollution has been wreaking havoc in India on public as well as environmental health. In India, long-term exposure to air pollution contributed greatly to over 1.67 million annual deaths, across all the age groups from stroke, heart attack, diabetes, lung cancer, chronic lung diseases in 2019, according to SoGA 2020 report.

However, the onus is not solely on governing bodies and authorities. We, being the responsible inhabitants of this Earth, should participate equally and diligently to curb air pollution and bring back the ‘blue skies’ in our cities.

Observing Pollution Awareness Week from November 16 to November 21, we have decided to do our bit by pledging our unbending efforts towards educating people regarding this towering menace called Air Pollution.

curb air pollution

Let’s Pledge to Curb Air Pollution at Individual Level and strive to make our air more breathable and healthy

You will be surprised to know that you can help contribute in cutting down air pollution in so many ways at individual level. While the government agencies play a major role in curbing air pollution, we as a responsible citizen should also pledge to do our bit.

  • Use carpool, public transportation or bike whenever possible. By doing so you can cut down the carbon emission by 75% which you would have created otherwise.
  • Carry out proper servicing and pollution check of your vehicles to make sure that your car or bike is doing the minimal harm to the environment.
  • You can plant trees in and around your house premises. This will cut down harmful emissions at your local level and will also add aesthetic value to your property. You can put air purifying plants like snake plants, spider plants, peace lilies, etc. to purify indoor air.
  • Turn off ignition at traffic signals. It can reduce vehicle emissions by several levels.
  • Instead of burning the dried leaves and trash, try composting the biodegradable material your yard waste. This way, you can get a natural fertilizer at no extra cost and get rid of the yard waste at the same time.
  • Operate your air conditioners at optimum temperature of 25 degrees Celsius or higher. Running your AC at lower temperatures will not only increase emissions but will also cost you larger electricity bills.
  • Buy fewer things that rely on fossil fuels. If possible, buy equipments that have highest energy ratings and vehicles that are most fuel-efficient.
  • During summers, try to dry your clothes on a clothesline instead of using electric dryers. The lesser energy you will use, the lower your fossil fuel consumption will be.

Solutions mentioned above simultaneously perfectly sustainable, doable and efficient to reduce air pollution at an individual level. If every one of us pledges to do their bit towards improving the environment, the day won’t be far away when the Earth will breathe much cleaner and healthier air.