communication skillsThe key to learning communication depends not just on the skills we have but also on the mediums of communication through which strong communication is ensured. Today several mediums are effectively created and innovated for maintaining communications. The leading EdTech brands are offering solutions that enhance language skills to help children learn a language in a better way.

Leading education technology brands have come up with innovative solutions like Digital language labs for classrooms. Digital Language labs are well designed to enhance communication skills used particularly in schools for establishing foundational skills amongst students.

What is a Language Lab?

Digital language lab

ADigital language lab is a digital solution used in a school or university that is equipped with technology such as computers and audio equipment and is used for language learning and language practice. Globus Digital Language labs for the classroom is a complete solution that aims to provide students with interactive language exercises, pronunciation practice, writing practice, and many more to strengthen language as a skill amongst learners. Embracing multilingualism language lab includes seven different languages that are English, Hindi, Sanskrit, French, Spanish, Konkani, and Marathi. Based on the common European framework of reference of languages it includes basic to advanced levels of learning.

Promoting both mediums of teaching instructor-led teaching along with computer-based training provides proper guidance for participants. Globus Digital language lab comprises Interactive displays, PCs & headphones, cabinets, biometric attendance devices, and many more by offering premium quality furniture with a promise to enhance the look of classrooms.

Why is there a need for enhancing communication skills?

The world today is digitally integrated with so many technological developments with which humanity is keeping pace. With digitalization, we can see the growing importance and demand for different employment skills. Everybody today wants to be proficient, competent, and knowledgeable in the fields they want to grow.

Effective communication helps you to:

  • Learn in a structured manner following LSRW
  • Eradicating mother tongue influences
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Help in Strong decision making
  • Make you future-ready
  • More productive by building trust

How can the language lab improve communication skills in 6 ways?

Seeking the importance of multilingualism in recent trends there has been the promotion of Digital language labs in schools. Students in the classes learn more with the help of their teachers and proper guidance. Technology as an aid in the classroom reinforces appropriate learning.

Let us discuss the six effective measures taken to improve communication skills:

  1. Promoting multilingualism through different languages

In this globalized world, knowing distinct languages provide a greater platform for learners to grow in their career.  Being multilingual enhances learning capacities and allows learners to open and accept new cultures in such a diversified world. Knowing different languages with the help of language labs boosts confidence and prepares students for a better future.

  1. Assess proficiencies by learning at their own pace

Learning at own pace can provide rigorous and relevant learning opportunities for students fostering their skills and developing their knowledge. Language labs for the classroom today allow them to have information at their fingertips encouraging productivity. Creating an effective platform language lab thus enables students to communicate effectively, enhance their problem-solving skills, and create virtual engagement for effective educational growth.

  1. Learn the language with the ease

Facilitate effective learning through instructor-led teaching software in the language labs designed completely to help teachers and enhance better conceptual clarity through pre-installed content. With the help of this teachers can train their learners to retain the information faster.

  1. Proper pronunciation results in effective communication

To learn any language easily and effectively one needs to improve pronunciation because pronunciation helps speakers to listen more carefully and helps in analyzing the right sounds while speaking. Knowing the right phonetics and enhanced grammatical skills thus provide better clarity to listeners developing better means of communication.

  1. Experience the hybrid deliveries models-

For the greatest efficacy, make use of a dual mode of learning to enhance educational excellence. A real example of a blended learning strategy is the use of a digital language lab that combines online and in-person instruction creating a flexible learning approach.

  1. Growth in career

Being multilingual has always been seen as the gateway to good career opportunities & enhance professional growth. The importance of learning different languages is now being recognized globally. English as a universal language has urged many upcoming and existing educational institutes to shape their career path and develop several opportunities.


Strong communication includes clarity, conciseness, and consistency in promoting two-way communication. These computer-aided techniques are developing the language skills of the students. Allowing students to learn at their own pace and enhancing their proficiencies. Based LSRW skills help learners to grab the concept easily.

The world today demands new education, a new system, and new people to fulfilling the rising demands of the industrialized world. Speaking more than one language is helping students to communicate well amongst students communicating with people around the world ensuring educational excellence for students.