Almost every teacher understands the significance of interactivity and engagement in a classroom environment for enhancing learning outcomes. As per experts, this is also the best approach to keep students interested and attentive, ultimately improving their knowledge retention in classrooms. In such highly immersive learning settings, students learn more quickly and comprehensively, breaking away from the monotony associated with traditional teaching practice. Today’s educational institutes are turning towards innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of their tech-savvy students. One such powerful ally in this quest is digital board for teaching, an interactive and collaborative platform for enhancing teaching and learning experiences, going beyond the limitations of conventional teaching tools.

What is a Digital Board solution?

A Digital Board solution is an innovative edtech solution designed for smart classrooms. Our solution integrates an Ultra HD Interactive Display with an OPS (Open Pluggable Specification), dual-flip stylus (for precise touch interactions on touchscreen—writing, drawing, or pointing with ease) and a digital teaching device capable of accommodating multimedia. It also includes essential components like a high-performance PC, a visualizer, and the convenience of a keyboard and mouse. Complementing all these features of our digital board solution is our expert-driven, app-based K-12 digital content software, meticulously crafted by experts to cater to the diverse preferences and requirements of both teachers and their students. Such a comprehensive smart classroom set up contributes to enhancing the overall teaching and learning experience by providing cutting-edge technology and customized educational content.

Here are few strategies that educators can implement, utilizing the digital board for teaching, to foster a comprehensive learning environment in the classroom.

- Leverage the interactive suite to elevate engagement

The interactive suit embedded in our digital display solution empowers you to deliver lessons in a significantly more effective manner. With tools such as the AI pen, laser pen, magic line pen, highlighter, paintbrush, marker, and more, educators can effortlessly draw and write, enhancing their ability to explain topics in a more compelling and effective manner. The visual presenter can also be used by teachers to show documents, maps, real-time images and more and it even allows them to annotate on them, thereby enhancing understanding by highlighting the details.

- Harness the Flexibility in Instruction

Globus Digital Board solution provides teachers with remarkable flexibility. They can use various instructional materials, broadening the spectrum of teaching content. This adaptability accommodates diverse learning styles, ensuring effective comprehension for every student. The digital board seamlessly integrates with smartphones and other tools through a simple QR code scan, allowing the download and exploration of lesson plans and files.

- Teach from a plethora of rich content

The digital board can be leveraged to get and teach from a plethora of educational material from various online resources. Additionally, our K-12 digital content software significantly broadens the horizons of learning for both students and teachers. With the option of NCERT mapped K-12 digital content, teachers get to access a wealth of information, simulations, and multimedia content that can be used to improve classroom engagement and learning outcomes of students.

- Promote Real-Time Collaboration

The Digital board for teaching is designed to facilitate classroom engagement and collaboration. The teachers can foster a sense of teamwork and enhance critical thinking skills of students by creating a classroom environment where they actively participate, contribute ideas, and work together on projects. Teachers can provide instant feedback, tailoring their approach based on the students' responses, thus creating a more personalized learning experience.


Digital Board solutions are reshaping the way of teaching in classroom settings, offering a dynamic and interactive approach to learning. By leveraging the flexibility, real-time collaboration, and vast digital resources they provide, educators can create a more engaging and effective learning environment.