Vertical Signage

Digital signage is omnipresent, whether it's advertising products in retail stores, improving communication in corporate settings, serving as wayfinding displays in malls, or displaying menus in restaurants. They are seen in different settings, conveying information attractively, advertising products and/or services, and presenting stunning visual communication. One such form of digital signage that conveys your messages to the audience in the most impactful manner is vertical signage.

In this blog, we will discuss the unique features and capabilities of our vertical signage solutions that make them an effective tool for displaying information

What’s a Vertical Signage Display?

Just like any digital signage, the purpose of using vertical signage display is to display information to the viewers in an impactful manner. It’s a type of digital signage that's vertical, encompassing a sleek, digital standee featuring HD display with touch screen capabilities to display text, visuals, and graphics, driving engagement with content, and capturing customers' attention.

This type of electronic signage is different from horizontal digital signage, that features landscape viewing mode or display. Vertical signage displays have portrait orientation, which makes them a perfect indoor digital signage for showcasing content such as menus, wayfinding information, product related information and more. These can also be used as outdoor digital signage for events, trade shows and more.

Let’s delve into the specifics of how our vertical signage stands out as the best vertical signage display solution, with the potential to elevate your communication strategies to new heights.


Captivates the Audience

Engaging your audience is a critical aspect of any marketing strategy. In retail, the restaurant business, and more, this can be achieved effortlessly by incorporating compelling visuals that invite interaction. Our vertical signage display solutions are designed with this in mind.

The high-definition touch display ensures a stunning presentation of content, and touch screen capabilities allow interactivity for the effortless navigation of information. This means the displays not only captivate the audience but also actively engage them, allowing interaction with the visuals that leap from the screen.

Optimal Visibility Despite Varying Light Conditions

The Globus vertical signages are designed to be used for any ambient lighting condition. These signages come with high brightness LEDs, delivering exception brightness and optimal visibility, ensuring the content is read effortlessly and is comprehensible even in bright lighting. So, whether the environment is dimly lit or brightly illuminated, visibility and readability is well-maintained.

Vrtical Signage Video

Vertical Signages for Different Industrial Needs

Our vertical signage display solutions are designed for various industrial applications including :
• The use of a vertical signage display can transform the way menus are displayed. Imaging your menus being displayed as vibrant displays of culinary delights. Apart from showcasing daily specials, promotions, and offers in attractive way, they even serve as navigational guides for the customers.
• The retail industries can use this technology as storytellers, showcasing products in a captivating way. Be it an exclusive deal, product information, or brand stories, these displays transcend traditional advertising, attracting you customers. They are also be used for wayfinding, so that the customers effortlessly navigate through the retail landscape effortlessly.
• At trade shows, exhibitions, events and more, a vertical signage can be leveraged to create immersive viewing experience. With our vertical signage solutions, events come alive. By disseminate crucial details and information like map, schedules, highlights and more they ensure the audience are informed and know what’s going on. The captivating advertising screens display stunning visuals, enhancing the overall event atmosphere.
The mentioned industries are just a glimpse of where our vertical signage displays shine. Beyond merely showcasing information, these displays bring a touch of excitement and simplicity, making information more interesting, easier to grasp, and comprehensive in diverse settings!