Globus Infocom Virtual Classroom solution is helpful in disseminating information and knowledge among students who are demographically isolated. With the help of its technologically-rich component like Interactive Display, PTZ camera, Speakers and pre-installed software, it can hold classes, trainings and meetings remotely from any location. It is one of the highest selling products by Globus Infocom that has already been installed in several Government-run institutes, colleges, universities and offices for conducting online classes, conferences and training sessions. Keeping in mind the current scenario, Globus came up with this state of the art product with Learning Management System to meet your digital requirements.


Virtual Classroom is not useful only in holding classes in educational institutes, but also benefits corporate sectors as well. Currently, these setups are being used in business as well as education sector to unite people who are not present under one roof. Its plug and play interface enables even novices to operate the Virtual Classroom with utmost ease.

Now before we move ahead to study its components in detail, let’s read about its advanced features first.

Features of Virtual Classroom

  • With the help of Virtual Classroom, you can live stream as well as record the entire session and play it later. It can record videos in high resolution.
  • It comes packed with content related to subjects with unlimited cloud storage.
  • Users can share the content with the help of HTTPS/REST protocol.
  • It comes with in-built assessment options with which you can create test papers. Students can attempt the test as per their convenience on their smartphones/laptops.
  • In-built whiteboard doubles up as a traditional whiteboard for all the attendees to view at the same time.
  • Feature to share YouTube videos or load content from Gmail, Google Drive or from system files directly on the board. With the screen sharing option, the multimedia file will be reflected on the screens of attendees of the seminar/conference/class.

Virtual Classroom LMS

Virtual Classroom for Education

Virtual Classrooms or training sessions are usually beneficial for those who want to pursue higher studies while already being in a job. With the help of online training sessions, a large number of people can receive education without the need of being physically present at an educational institute. This is just on way to look at the benefits of online classes and training sessions. There are many more ways in which Globus Virtual Classroom Solution can benefit the educational institute and students altogether.

virtual classroom for education
  • Students can access information and course modules anytime and from anywhere. It increases their chance of being regular to their classes. All a person need is an internet connection and a laptop/smartphone.
  • Students can indulge in online discussion with the teacher as well as their fellow course mates.
  • A lot of time is saved that is spent on travel from one place to another to attend the class. It thereby, also reduces the total cost of the course since no travelling is required.
  • The enrolled students will get better opportunities to connect with other students around the world with the help of video conferencing. This way they can gage a basic idea of how learning is taking place in different demographic regions.
  • The pupils can connect with the teachers and experts in their fields remotely from any part of the world. Virtual Classrooms have reduced the distance between a teacher and student and increased their connectivity.
  • Learning through a Virtual Classroom is a double-edged sword. While grabbing knowledge on different subjects of your field, you’re also honing your digital skills of using online tools.

Virtual Conference for Corporates

An important meeting to take place in the office but all the members required to attend it are not under one roof. In this situation, Virtual Conference solution comes to your rescue. Virtual Conference is an arrangement where the attendees attend the conference remotely through their laptop/smartphones with the help of video and screen sharing. As useful as it sounds, Virtual Conference has many more uses to it that we know.

  • Arranging a virtual conference is much cost effective as it saves the money that is spend on travelling, refreshments, registration, etc. With the help of virtual conferences, anybody can be a part of it from any demographic region of the world.
  • Virtual Conferences are convenient. If one is travelling by train or plane, he can still attend an important meeting with the help of Virtual Conference. All you need is a laptop/smartphone and an internet connection.
  • You can watch and re-watch the session anytime you want. Means there’s no need to make notes in haste. Once you miss out anything, watch a replay of the entire conference on your laptop.
  • The entire conference can be recorded for maintaining post-meeting notes and highlights. It can be saved on a USB drive to create a portable archive of important data.