Language lab

A language lab is an engaging learning environment that allows all learners to practice their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students can work individually and collaboratively with their classmates making it a strong platform for discussions. Teachers can listen, analyse, and evaluate the performances of students in the English language lab.

1. Defining Language Lab

The more a learner practices the concept, the more proficient he or she becomes in the language. And with the rise of the usages of enriched technology in the modern world, it has transformed completely providing new meaning to the classrooms. Language lab thus can be defined as: Language lab is a digital solution for developing communication skills amongst learners so that the foundation of the students is constructed. Digital Language labs for the classroom have been designed to acquire communication skills for engaging and interactive sessions.

2. What does the Digital Language Lab solution incorporate?

There are leading edtech brands which provide complete language solutions for the classroom so that a better understanding of the concept through a better medium can be made possible in the classrooms.

The only Make-in-India leading edtech brand like Globus Infocom that provide comprehensive solution based on the requirement of the customers. Globus Digital Language Lab solutions incorporate

Student Stations

Students can use this combination of learning for an impressive output by accessing a personalized form of learning

Desktop Computers


Language Lab Software

This is a software application that creates the most amazing platform for teachers and students to interact with one another in a better way. The enriched interactive courses & classes, rich content library of multimedia lessons & assignments, and student responses & teachers’ feedback ensure better evaluation for learners.

3. What is the importance of the Digital Language Lab?

The importance of the adoption of digital language labs is growing since learning multiple languages has become part of the curriculum. English is the universal language spoken almost everywhere around the world. Also, students for higher studies find a way to study in foreign for which they need to qualify for TOEFL and IELTS advancing the career skills of students.

Benefits of Digital Language Lab for Teachers

Class-wise classification of the chapters

It can help teachers to make students learn on the basis of the defined and classified chapters. Defining the level of studies based on the class can set the foundation of learning for learners.

Assess better

with the inbuilt report generation features, one could analyse the report easily guiding learners. The available gamified quiz encourages maximum participation of students.

Improve writing skills

To enhance your writing abilities, we have provided enriched modules that are prepared from basic to intermediate and advanced levels following LSRW skills. Knowing how to write in basic classes can open the door to several opportunities for learners.

Advances career

Knowing more than one language opens door to different job opportunities. Multilingualism the major aspect of Digital Language Lab can enhance creativity and multilanguage abilities.

Benefits of digital language lab for Students


One of a language lab's most useful resources is the ability to practice pronunciation and get immediate feedback. Students no longer have to worry and be anti-hesitant in front of others while speaking English.


Digital Language Labs offer countless opportunities for creating communication-related activities. One could improve their level of creating meaningful and authentic interactions to promote fluency on a regular basis by following three major rules: practice, practice, and practice.

Encourage participation

When working in groups in the classroom, students can exchange ideas and produce the most with the given engaging content. Additionally, because the teacher can hear their discussion, they are able to provide immediate feedback at the same time.

Encourage participation

,Any useful application of interactive technology in the classroom motivates students to participate and learn well. By incorporating audio-visual learning into the digital language lab, students are more likely to embrace concepts with more clarity.

5. Conclusion

Students are engaged and motivated when working in a remarkable digitally enriched multimedia environment and therefore ultimately get to the most positive learning experience. The main benefit of a digital language lab and its software is that it is providing students with more opportunities to practice their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The language lab can increase productivity to the maximum enhancing creativity. Modern digital language labs support a hybrid-learning approach to learning providing self-access enabling personalized learning, and providing students to practice individually, as well as a platform where they can discuss and drive to an excellent conclusion.