The education in 21st Century has shifted towards learner-centric structure. With the increasing modernization and digitalization in all areas of our lives, completely new possibilities for teaching and learning are opening to fulfil the needs of schools.

Digitalisation has changed learning process worldwide. Due to rise in technological innovation educational institutes have been focusing on blended learning. Blended learning is the concept that includes framing teaching-learning process with instructor led as well as computer led learning process. Such example of blended learning is set by Digital Board.

Digital Board Solution with its carefully crafted learning resources helps to create an interactive and learner centric environment inside the classroom. It encourages students to engage & collaborate over the subjects for a deeper understanding.

Role of Digital Board in Learning

Digital Board plays vital role in learning as Digital Board for teaching provides perfect environment for interactive learning. Creative education content provided by Digital board for classroom attract student’s interest in learning. Digital board for teaching has helped building teacher-learner relations by mutual increase in participation from both sides. Due to the attractive features of this solution drop-rate of students have declined, particularly in rural areas. Hence Digital board for classroom has become the trend setter in education industry.

Digital board in transforming the Education

From last two decades the World has changed as never before. The biggest challenge education sector was facing was to maintain acceptable quality standards across the country. Implementation of technology enabled learning was way forward to create an accessible & quality learning environment. In lieu of the same Government has been taking initiatives to implement digital learning in the classrooms. Government has launched schemes like “Operation Digital Board” in 2019 to encourage technology enabled learning. The scheme focuses on encouraging the schools to opt for Digital Boards rather than traditional boards in classrooms. It creates an accessible, affordable & equal learning environment & hence is opted by different schools to revolutionise the structure of education in the country. With prominent features, tools and resources provided with the solution it bears a real life and practical connect with the students.

Digital Board has been impacting the education infrastructure in many ways:

  • Collaboration of traditional and modern ways of learning offers engaging & interactive environment
  • With the Interactive screen, student can develop experimental learning through it while practicing.
  • Digital content for K-12 and Higher Ed gives broader framework for student to learn
  • Unlimited web resources provide a clearer & broader picture to students
  • The animations, videos tutorials and other interesting education content help the students to dive deeply into the concepts & have a clearer understanding
  • The engaging learning environment encourages the willingness to attend school among students

The various features increase student participation & retention in the classroom. It helps in inculcating qualitative skill development amongst student as well as teacher who are now keen in developing technology skills to create a better learning environment. The user-friendly interphase & interesting content structure encourages teachers to work on technology enabled pedagogical methods

Rise in Demand of Digital Boards

There has been rise in the use of Digital Boards since a decade based on the impact it is making on the classroom learning environment. Teachers are switching over towards the adoption of technology in their pedagogical methods. By using different tools and resources available with the technology solutions, teachers are simplifying the complex topics which in turn generates learner’s interest towards learning

Also, digital board solution is highly cost effective & reliable for schools. Today teachers are switching over to e-learning and adopting the concept of Open Educational Resources (OERs), the Flipped Classroom (FC), blended learning etc which expands the demand of Digital board for classrooms.


With the rise in remote-learning during Covid-19 and post-Covid, dependency over learning through digital tools have increased. Digital board for classroom providing blended learning is to some extent is the solution to problem prevailing in our education system. Need of the hour is to have some radical changes and overcome the challenges regarding technological issues faced by teachers. Many companies are providing solutions to such technological handling by giving training to teachers. Such digital solutions must be promoted to cope up with the only challenge faced by teachers so that learning through digital medium will now be from everywhere and anywhere.