“Learning never exhausts the mind” was once said by Leonardo da Vinci; (the famous painter of ancient times) but today in the digitalised world this phrase could be re-phrased as “Digital Learning never exhausts the mind.”

From reading while travelling, from instant awareness of your surroundings to keeping you updated with all the current news, content, and reading materials, digitalization has made it accessible to avail any content anywhere. With Digitalisation we have seen a transformation in almost every sector particularly Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other educational institutes experiencing significant changes.

Leading Edtech brands have emerged, offering innovative digital learning solutions tailored for classrooms. These smart learning solutions aim to enhance the quality & accessibility of education ensuring an interactive and engaging learning experience.

What are Smart Classrooms?

Turning classrooms into smart & engaging, this dynamic solution is creating a healthy learning environment. Seeking the paradigm shift in learning, new pedagogical methods have been accepted to bring out the best results amongst learners.

Digitalization has effectively ensured the integration of technology, giving learners a platform to learn, explore, and break free from rote learning. Digital learning solutions like Interactive Displays, Digital Board, Digital Language Lab, Virtual Classroom Learning Management System, and many more are providing learners to explore a wide range of learning methods to let them study in new and more advanced ways to empower them for a better tomorrow.

Smart classroom equipment lists:

Based on the requirements of the users, Globus smart classrooms incorporate enriched learning solutions with products/solutions like Interactive Displays, Video Conferencing Cameras, Virtual Classroom and Learning Management Systems, Wireless Microphones, and many more providing maximum accessibility to the users.

Ensure enriched learning experiences, a wide range of options enhancing accessibility, engaging sessions to encourage participation, learning in a fun & interesting way, and accessing several educational opportunities.

Why Smart Classroom is important for education to be accessible?

Why Smart Classroom is important for education to be accessible?

Smart classrooms have ushered into multitude of opportunities making learning easily accessible for learners. Teachers now have the power to augment their teaching methods, ensuring innovation and effectiveness in imparting knowledge. This transformation driven by the edtech innovations is rapidly impacting educational institutions to embrace smart classroom solutions.

One major advantage of smart classroom is creation of a collaborative learning environment, facilitated by Digital boards and advanced digital tools.

Below are discussed important benefits where smart classroom is playing pivotal role in making education accessible:

Supports hybrid learning

The recent trend supporting both online and offline learning environment encourages implementation of technology in the classrooms allowing learners to attend classes in their comfort. Teachers can conduct their sessions from any location, fostering a seamless learning experience for everyone involved.

Even strong connectivity and the best-equipped tools have allowed users to instantly access their classes instantly without missing any important sessions.

Bridging digital divide

Digital classrooms have curbed the digital divide to the maximum level. It was earlier expected that only classrooms in urban areas would be well-equipped to drive towards quality education, but now due to technology integration even in the remotest areas in the classrooms, a ray of hope has been generated in rural areas too.

Globus smart classrooms are working effectively in bringing digital transformations into the remotest areas. Maximizing learning output in rural education, integration of smart classrooms have encouraged learners to participate in the classrooms shaping their future.

Learn in a fun way

Nobody wants to attend sessions that are boring and monotonous, now Smart classrooms have broken the chain of transforming the existing traditional method of learning into new, engaging, and interesting output.

With numerous state-of-the-art & easy-to-use learning tools in smart classrooms, learners can explore and experience audio-visual learning to adopt concepts quickly.

Create an engaging session.

Most importantly, what drives any learner in the classroom is to learn with images, videos, audio, and experiments. This can be accomplished only with the help of digital classrooms capturing learner’s attention and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject.

K-12 content for better conceptual clarity.

Globus has launched app-based K-12 digital content for learners. The expert-created, extensive, and rich content library for K-12 is incorporated with animated & anchor-based videos, digital content, multiple test options, key terms, historical timelines, easy report generation, and many more to drive excellence among learners.Ensuring conceptual clarity, learners can now enhance their educational experience more innovatively and engagingly.

Summing up

To sum up, Smart classroom solutions have emerged as the driving force behind accessible education. Turning the classrooms into smart classrooms will provide users with a strong learning platform improving students’ results. The better assessment procedure, interactive teaching software, available options for digital content, multiple quizzes, recording of the classes, maximum gesture control, multitasking with split-screen, and many more offer learners maximum availability ensuring interactive & quality learning experiences. Empowering teachers & learners equally, smart classrooms have been catalyzing a brighter and highly inclusive education scenarios.

"Create better tomorrows for learners by empowering them with the technology of today"