Body Worn Camera

  • Light-weight and durable surveillance solution.

  • Easy to charge via USB cable.

  • Recorded videos are storage in .mp4 format for easy accessibility.

  • High resolution video recording supported.

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Wide Angle for Maximum Coverage

Globus Body Worn Camera supports a wide-angle recording of up to 120 degrees, providing wider coverage of the area. The recorded footage can be viewed on the 2-inches touch-enabled colour display in 1080p, 720p, or 480p resolution.

Wide Angle for Maximum Coverage Product image/interface(s) are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual.

Long Battery Life

Globus Body Worn Cameras ensure that the surveillance takes place without interruptions like a battery running out dry. Hence, our powerful devices are packed with 2000 mAh of battery to provide video recording throughout a shift. The charging time taken by our cameras is also less to keep them always prepared for action.

Long Battery Life

IR Technology for Surveillance in Darker Conditions

Globus Body Worn Camera records and transmits video in high resolution with the help of inbuilt WiFi and cellular network. The video footage can be monitored remotely from a control centre and further actions can be devised.

IR Technology for Surveillance in Darker Conditions

IP54 Rating

The IP54 rating makes our Body Worn Cameras resistant to harsh weather conditions like sunlight, dust and rain. Since most of the security personnel spend their shift outdoor, it is important to have a reliable and robust solution for surveillance.

IP54 Rating
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