Education Furniture

Globus Infocom has been pioneering in education segment for over 2 decades in transforming and building the education infrastructure of the nation, Globus has always been in front-foot to change the learning and teaching methodologies in INDIAN schools and colleges. Globus is now extending its arms to further facilitate this segment with our exclusive range of Furniture solutions.

As per the research, Students interact with furniture more than any other design element. They see it and touch it. They work, learn, eat, relax, socialize, and think on it. Classroom furniture must fit the children, allow movement and hence invariably encourage a good posture. Movement plays an important part in seating. All these factors have a major impact on students learning and can immensely improve their performance if done right. Thus, we have designed ingenious products which provides elegant modular solutions to the needs of Modern-day Education institutions which offers flexibility in layout and efficiency in space management without compromised on the seating comfort.

Every single piece of furniture manufactured at Globus is ergonomically designed for comfort and improved learning. Created with the latest cutting-edge technology, our products guarantee complete safety for our students, faculty and staff.

Classroom Furniture


Lecture Room Furniture


Computer Lab/Library Furniture


Hostel Furniture


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