Hi-Fidelity Microphone

Hi-Fidelity Microphone

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  • Omni-directional Pointing Features.

  • Built-in preamplifier circuit Drive Capability

  • Hi-fidelity micro electromechanical system (MEMS) silicon microphone

  • 3 Connection Mode lead wire: (power, audio, public GRD)

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Unmatched Audio Excellence

Ensure crystal-clear omnidirectional sound pick up. This hi fi microphone also excels at transmitting clear audio signals over long distances, without compromising audio quality. High sensitivity ensure that even subtle sounds are captured and transmitted.

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Advanced Signal Processing for Precise Audio Recording

Ensure precise audio recording for surveillance applications. With capabilities to enhance human voice clarity, reduce noise and unwanted sounds, control reverberation and more, the advanced signal processing features of this hi fi microphone elevate the quality of recorded audio.

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Clear, Seamless & Comprehensive Audio Capture

The omni-directional sensitivity ensures audio capture from all directions, while the wide dynamic range guarantees distortion-free recording, whether in a quiet or loud environment. This ensures comprehensive coverage, with no crucial detail missed in surveillance environment.

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Uninterrupted Performance, Lasting Reliability

Operating optimally on 12V DC power, and ensuring stable, consistent performance, this hi fi microphone facilitates audio coverage for continuous surveillance. The microphone is also fortified against electrical surges and potential damage, ensuring long-lasting reliability across diverse environmental conditions.

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Supports Cascading

The microphone enables flexible setups by supporting cascading, allowing daisy-chaining of multiple microphones. This is particularly useful for capturing audio in larger meeting rooms or collaboration environments.

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