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Interactive Display - Impact i86-V1

Interactive Display - Impact i86-V1
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Globus Interactive Display for Smart Classroom is an advanced, next-generation touch display with utmost usability and interactivity. Our professional-grade displays deliver life-like picture quality and an immersive experience aided by its high brightness, super-responsive IR-based touch and in-built sound system.

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With educational institutes and organizations going digital, Interactive Displays for Smart Classrooms have become even more indispensable in such establishments. Globus Infocom, who has been one of the leading Make India technology providers in the field of Education Technology, has a wide range Interactive Displays for schools, smart classrooms, corporate offices, suiting the diverse needs of every institute or business.

Globus Interactive Displays come with myriad of features along with multi-touch capability, rugged body, slim bezel design, interactive software, powerful audio and much more. They are a perfect solution for delivering classroom sessions, lectures, conducting meetings and conferences in various organizations.

Our Interactive Displays for education come with Ultra HD display that brings pictures to life with its large palette of colours. With its high brightness and contrast ratio, it makes your content look more appealing, legible and lucid.

Globus Interactive Displays for smart classrooms are available in different sizes varying from 65 inches to 98 inches. So far, our Smart Boards have been successfully installed in many government-run universities, colleges, schools, police stations, offices, huddle rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

Ultra HD Resolution

Globus Interactive Displays for education come with a slim bezel display with super-responsive touch. The 4K resolution supports superior picture quality while the high contrast ratio renders much clearer images.

Super Responsive Touch Panel

The IR technology used in Globus Interactive Displays for smart classroom is more responsive and also supports multi-touch points. It is also known for smooth touch recognition. In larger screens, IR technology is one of the most successful technologies for a seamless experience.

In-built digital whiteboard for collaboration

With the help of in-built digital whiteboard you can convey the information in the textual or tabular method. The annotation features of the digital whiteboard allow you to draw geometrical shapes and make tables for business meetings or lectures. You can also record the entire lesson or lectures for future reference. Screenshot option is also available to take pictures of important data on the digital whiteboard on Interactive Displays.

AI Pen

AI Pen or the Artificial Intelligence Pen allows you to turn your random sketches into Google images. Teachers can draw an object roughly on the board and let AI to brush through Google Images to find a perfectly-matching picture for your drawing. This feature enables you to conduct a quick Google search using just a rough image. 

4K Screen Recording

Turn your classroom sessions into 4K videos by using the 4K screen recording feature. Entire lecture or meeting can be recorded on the Interactive Display for education itself without requiring any add-on device. The recorded videos are stored on internal storage to be used as a reliable video repository for future reference.


Wireless Content Sharing

Sharing content has never been easier than this before. On Globus Interactive Display, users can share the content on the display wirelessly using the Wireless Content Sharing feature. With just a click, push videos, images or documents on the display for the audience without requiring any cable hassle. 

Dual Pen Recognition

Globus Interactive Display for smart classrooms comes with two styluses of different pen tip thickness to allow you write on the board in different font width. Our display recognizes the different pen strokes and gives you the utmost life-like writing experience on the screen. The magnetic pen holder on the bottom panel allows you to secure the styluses when not in use. 

Dual OS for added functionality

The mini-PC attached to Interactive Displays for education can be configured to Windows backed by a powerful processor. The in-built Android provides you with the ease of use as many of the users are comfortable with Android platform.  

Rugged and Durable

Globus Interactive Displays for education are rugged and durable. The 4mm toughened glass on the display is strong enough to withstand physical strain to some extent. This protects the display from vandalism and physical damage, especially when installed in classrooms.

Easy Connectivity

With the help of USB, VGA and HDMI ports, you can plug in an external source to access your files on the IFPD. The external devices can also be connected to the display wirelessly for smooth data transfer.

Areas of Application

  • Smart Classrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Lecture Rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Seminars
  • Training Rooms
  • OPS Rooms
  • Board Rooms

 Globus Infocom is one of the leading Education Technology Providers in India with its own manufacturing capacity setup in Noida. It provides one of the most premium, best Interactive Displays for Education in best interactive display prices for unique requirements of its customer base. 


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Full value for money deal
Nice picture, sound and UI
Review by Ranjith Kumar / (Posted on 9/18/2020)