IR Illuminator - 80 Mtr

IR Illuminator - 80 Mtr

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> Deliver high power infrared light for CCTV & IP camera at night time and improve performance of camera to get clear pictures.
> Reduce the signal noise and other image distortion.
> Support Illuming automatically according to environment brightness and configure the threshold.
> Illuminators has energy saving circuit with low electrical power consumption.
> IP66 waterproof and dustproof hosuing work at ambient temperature -30 to 55°C.
> Thinner and lighter designed for simple installation and easy operation to reduce construction difficulty.

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Uniform, Consistent & Targeted Illumination

Elevate your performance of surveillance cameras to new heights. The Dot-matrix LEDs ensure uniform brightness, and the 30° beam angle offers precise, concentrated coverage over 80m, directing infrared light to specific areas for optimal visibility. Ideal for scenarios requiring targeted and distant illumination.

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Versatile Technology for Surveillance Setups

Operated with 110-220V AC power, these illuminators seamlessly integrate into diverse electrical environments. With a flexible cable of optimal length and a user-friendly 'U' bracket, these also offer versatility in installation, adapting to the needs of various setups, without the need for extra extensions.

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Superb Visibility for Day & Night Monitoring

Delivers robust infrared light, ensuring enhanced nighttime visibility for achieving high quality images. The automatic day/night switch further boosts its operational efficiency, delivering superb performance. These IR illuminators seamlessly adapt to changing lighting conditions, providing optimal illumination for cameras in different scenarios.

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Resilient Solution for Outdoor Surveillance

Designed for deployment in diverse setups and environmental conditions. The toughened glass panel and robust aluminum housing enhance resilience against temperature variations and harsh weather conditions. Perfect illuminators for outdoor applications where weather conditions may be unpredictable.

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