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Ms. Kiran Dham

_CEO & Whole Time Director

Globus Infocom Limited has continuously strived to maintain high quality & high ethical standards in its products, solutions & organizational culture. We develop a strong connect with students, teachers, academicians or facilitators by understanding their needs and offering them a solution which makes a difference in their delivery or imbibition of knowledge practices. We have been able to reach a stage where we provide equal and challenging growth and learning opportunities to our core team members and partners . Our efforts are directed towards holistic growth of everyone associated with Globus Infocom. My prime focus has always been on creating a sustainable work culture and enforcing a culture of equal opportunities & growth standards for everyone in the organization.

I firmly believe that technology is the way forward & a technology-driven ecosystem of opportunity, growth & trust can be prime drivers towards the growth of our society leading us towards being a proud nation of responsible and educated citizens . India has improved a lot in infrastructure standards, deeper penetration of bandwidth and improvement in electrification of rural areas, which has opened avenues to change the perspective of learning and teaching through technology.

Being in the industry for past 19 years we have evolved as an established Make In India brand which has impressively executed prime projects in all parts of the country in well defined timelines. Our nationwide prompt services and professional team has been a major source of strength and would be so for many more years to come.

We sincerely want to contribute effectively to the society by implementing our solutions in classrooms as CSR initiatives in the times to come. We look forward to a year of trust, continued support & patronage with our employees, channel partners & customers.

COVID-19: How smart classrooms are transforming India’s education system

“Connecting students and teachers through digital platforms and necessary software through the use of laptop or phones is the latest transition in education trying to eradicate the physical need of teachers or classrooms. This is an ideal time to accept technology and its latest offerings in order to make education delivery to students more efficient and make it more productive through online learning and assessments,” Ms. Kiran Dham says.

Making E-Learning Future of Classroom Learning

Ms. Kiran Dham advocates the importance of E-learning in traditional teaching practices. To aid modern means of learning, her EdTech company Globus Infocom is constantly innovating in its smart classroom solutions including Digital Teaching System, Digital Board, Digital Language Lab, Virtual Classroom and Presentation Solution.

5 ways India can create MORE jobs - Ms Kiran Dham

The government will have to find a way for a low turn around rate for loans which could be possible with AI. It could assesses loan applicants by cross-checking as many as five-thousand data points. Such innovative techniques need to be adopted by India which could lead to a significant drop in the default rates and there will be a higher demand for goods made by the automotive industry, says Ms Dham.

Can Artificial Intelligence Really Transform Education in India?

Ms. Kiran Dham, the CEO and Whole Time Director of Globus Infocom talks about innovative reforms we need to bring about in Indian education scenario. She discusses at lengths the problems faced by Indian education sector along with their possible solutions in this blog featured in the coveted The Teacher magazine.

Digital classroom solutions provider Globus Infocom to enter healthcare sector

“We have been planning a foray into the healthcare segment for a while now but this Covid-19 accelerated the thought process. It simply synergises with our existing verticals that include providing ed-tech solutions, digital signage and display and security and surveillance,” Ms. Kiran Dham told BusinessLine. The company has developed products such as thermal cameras, IR thermometer, hand sanitising digital signage kiosk, disinfectant ULV fogger, auto sanitiser dispenser and UV disinfection steriliser that can be used by corporates, malls and other enterprises.

This woman entrepreneur started up in the edtech sector, is all set to clock Rs 150 Cr in revenue

“The blended system of education provides different avenues of understanding the concept, helping to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the learner. Our language lab solutions have removed the ever-existing language barrier between different regions with easy access to fun, easy, and effective language learning resources. Our innovative technological solutions have provided complete ease of communication, training, and 24X7 learning with its anytime accessible resources,” Ms. Kiran Dham says.

AI and virtual reality will drive productivity: Kiran Dham, Globus Infocom

“ Ms. Kiran Dham talks about the importance of adapting to digital technology in the Covid-19 as well as post Covid-19 era. She talks at length about how Work From Home during lockdown hasn't affected the company's productivity negatively. Being a technology driven company, she believes that going fat on technology usage will help running our workflow smoothly