Our extensive and most ergonomic seating collection can accommodate all forms of work and workstyles, suited for any rank, designation, physique and for various sorts of spaces, both formal and informal, that fulfils a variety of comfort, wellness, design requirements promoting an energetic and exciting work environment.

Globus seating’s are ergonomically designed for longevity and endless versatility to match the pace of world’s most efficient workforce. Our designs of seating products are not only restricted till upholstery but also enhance the look and feel of any space with their suave appeal.

Our In-House R&D team has developed comprehensive seating products which are designed specifically considering the Indian anthropometric data, solving multiple purposes with numerous features for comfort and availability of different types of fabrics that would fulfil all workplace and institutional seating requirements.

“Seating that work as efficiently as you do”


Executive Chairs


Cafe Chairs


Multi purpose chair


Training chairs



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