When office storage solutions aren’t being used, workspaces can become chaotic and difficult to work in. This can have a knock-on effect on productivity, morale and etc. Well planned office not only has a visual appeal but at the same time creates a calm, ordered environment and security in which employees are able to find what they need and to work without feeling surrounded by clutter.

Today for every office set-up, space is the leading concern due to high per square feet cost. Designing workplaces that hold more and do more are becoming the need of the hour. Globus smart storage ideas make the optimum utilization of every bit of space.

Our storages are intelligently designed that goes with the personality of the room. The sturdy construction and Vibrant colour options ensures the look of the premise is not compromised. Globus offers versatile, long-lasting and trouble-free storage products which serves multiple functions of aisle and personal storages as well as partitioning storage solutions.

Steel Storages


Wooden Storages