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Student Response System

Student Response System
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Globus Student Response System is a wireless solution that includes a Teacher’s Clicker, Student Clickers and a Wireless Module.

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Globus Student Response System is a wireless solution that includes a Teacher’s Clicker, Student Clickers and a Wireless Module. It is used in classroom, lecture rooms and digital lab setups. It enables instructor or teacher to pose questions to students and gather their response during a lecture. Teachers can also display a presentation on the display and ask students to respond using their own networked clickers.

Multiple choice questions, quizzes and polls are deemed to be a reliable and efficient way to test students’ recall of facts. Also, it improves information retention and makes learning more organized and systematic. Therefore, Student Response System plays an important role in making classroom sessions more ordered and fun-based. Also, the student clickers can also be deployed to conduct attendance or polling sessions in a classroom.

How Does Student Response System Work?

  • A Student Response System involves a set of hardware and software that facilitates teaching activities in a systematic manner. A Student Response System works in the following way:
  • Teacher poses multiple-choice questions to students using a display or projector.
  • Students submit their answers to the questions using the handheld student clicker that beams a RF frequency signal to a wireless receiver attached to the teacher’s computer.
  • The software on teacher’s system collects and collates the responses generated by students and produces bar chart, pie chart, graph, etc showing how many students chose each of the answer choices.
  • Teacher generates report assessing the responses given by students. With the help of software suite that comes along with Student Response System, teachers can generate results in pie chart, bar graph, numeric and percentage.

Key Features of Student Response System

  • Real time results through instant access to reports/results for quicker decisions.
  • Separate clicker device for teachers to access the solution
  • Lifeline enabled for increased interaction during sessions
  • Compatible with Microsoft Power Point
  • Multiple quiz options of Yes/No, Single/Multiple Choice, Scoring, Polling, Voting, etc.
  • Reports can be saved, shared or print for future references.

Application scenarios

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Training Institutes and many more.

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Perfect for interaction in classroom
Quiz sessions become easier after installing this solution
Review by Mrs. Kavita Seth / (Posted on 12/24/2020)