Engaging the learners in a classroom session is one of the keys to ensure that they learn effectively and grasp the most out of what they are being taught. For decades, educators around the world are devising new strategies to make learning more effective and impactful in classroom. There are umpteen ways to achieve our learning goals in a classroom setup, be it a physical classroom or an online learning setup. Among them, interactivity, collaboration and infusion of technology remain vital.

In this blog, we have attempted to explain 5 effective ways to make learning more impactful in classroom.

tips to make learning more effective

Use Informational Graphics and Videos

The contemporary educational tools like Interactive Display, Interactive Whiteboard Software, Digital Board, Virtual Classroom or similar Online Learning Solutions deploy informational graphics and videos to make learning a fun-based activity. The learnings and classroom notes can simply be stored in the form of images or videos for future reference. It serves as a great medium to grasp students’ attention for longer. To serve the same purpose, Globus Interactive Displays for education come pre-installed with an inbuilt Interactive Whiteboard Software to combine the benefits of a traditional classroom and technology using internet, infographics, artificial intelligence, etc.

Make Students Collaborate on a Whiteboard to Brainstorm

Whiteboards have been used for long to get information across to students. The physical whiteboards have served more of a one-way communication tool in a traditional classroom setup. Now, the digital whiteboard (or Interactive Whiteboard) have given the ability to students to work on the same whiteboard simultaneously. Teachers can utilize this tool initiate brainstorming sessions in classroom and boost collaboration among students.

Utilize Visual Note-Taking

Standard note-taking has its own benefits but including visuals (graphics, charts, infographic, etc.) in note-taking can amplify its impact by several notches. Digital notes also help students to focus more on the bigger picture of topics they are learning. It also enables academically-weaker students to simplify the learning process.


Artificial Intelligence in Learning

Interactive Whiteboard software includes a multi-utility tool called Artificial Intelligence Pen (AI Pen) which lets you draw pictures and fetch related Google results accurately. This tool can also be used as a fun game where students can collaborate while drawing pictures related to the topic. They can also create useful infographics and flowcharts using the AI Pen tool.

Subject Tools in Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard that comes inbuilt with Interactive Board, Interactive Display or any other Smart Board for education, packs multiple usable features that include Subject Tools to aid learning. Globus Interactive Whiteboard not only increases interactivity and boosts collaboration, but also packs various subject tools that include graphics, flowcharts, simulations, animations, laboratory experiments, physical & political geographical maps, etc. to support interactive learning.

Brainstorming sessions can also be aligned during classroom sessions wherein multiple students can work together simultaneously to solve problems using simulations, lab experiments, exercises, etc. Furthermore, teachers can pull out readymade graphics, charts, periodic tables, chemical equations, diagrams and more to display their ideas more visually.  

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