Interactive Boards are no longer a luxury but a necessity in every classroom. With educational institutes moving a step forward towards smarter means of education, it has become increasingly important to innovate in terms of pedagogical methods. The traditional classroom setup involved blackboard teaching which may not be able to meet the learning requirements of students and fail to engage them in an effective manner.

girl using interactive whiteboard in classroom

Therefore, investing in a good quality Interactive Board is no longer a luxury but a necessity now.

Advantages of Interactive Board over Regular Blackboard

More Visualization for Teachers and Students

With the help of Interactive Board, teachers can use high definition images, videos and multimedia files to support the teaching. It makes difficult concepts easier to understand for students. Visualization of concepts also keeps students more engaged in the classroom as compared the blackboard and chalk method. Humans are visual beings. 75% of our brain is accustomed to processing visual information.

Better Interaction 

With the help of Interactive Boards, students work and projects can be displayed on the screen in front of the entire class. This creates more room for a collaborative environment in a classroom, instilling a sense of competition and engagement. In case of blackboards, a separate setup is required with projector and screen to achieve the same purpose. Also, Interactive Boards can be connected to other devices like PC, Smartphone and Laptops.

teacher using interactive whiteboard in classroom

;Access to Internet

This is one of the greatest benefits that Interactive Boards have over traditional blackboard. Interactive Boards are basically a compact computer with the functionalities of a whiteboard. Teachers can easily expand their horizon by using the World Wide Web to access information and aid the classroom lessons. This is however, not possible with a traditional blackboard.

Interactive Boards can also be used in Remote Learning

In addition, Interactive Boards or Smart Boards can be used for remote learning or online classes. Some devices can be connected to the board for remote communication. It can provide students with an opportunity to communicate with different scholars in their respective fields without having to travel. Remote learning is a requisite in today’s world when the entire globe is shrinking into a global village.

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