Security & Surveillance has observed a massive transformation in so many ways in today’s times. Since it plays a huge part in our day to day lives, technological advancement is more of a necessity when it comes to securing our perimeter. Different technological advancements have been in place in terms of Security & Surveillance solutions including Artificial Intelligence-based Video Analytics, face recognition, license plate number recognition, perimeter intrusion, etc.

best cameras for outdoor use

When it comes to securing your premises, it is always intelligent to make an informed buying decision. With a number of options and features available in the marketplace, it becomes even more overwhelming to find the right CCTV camera for your application. There are several aspects that need to be kept in mind before making a purchase for an outdoor CCTV Camera.

In this article, we have ideated a list of best CCTV Cameras for outdoor use to help you make an informed buying decision.

Dome Camera

Dome CCTV Camera derives its name from its dome-like structure. They are usually deployed in indoor places at the corner of the room. However, with appropriate weather-proof and rugged housing, it can be installed in outdoor places like parking, porch, entrance, etc. 

Dome CCTV Cameras cover a wider area owing to its structure and due to its rounded glass housing, it is difficult to decipher the focus area of the camera. This feature acts as a deterrent for intruders and miscreants by creating an air of uncertainty.


Globus Dome CCTV Cameras are available in multiple resolutions for different application scenarios. In order to provide round the clock surveillance, our cameras come with Smart IR for night vision that creates clear and legible images even in poor lighting conditions. The IP67 rating of the camera provides ruggedness and protection to the device even in harsh outdoor conditions.

Bullet Camera

Bullet Camera is known as such due to its shape that resembles a bullet. They are long, cylindrical in shape and are ideal for outdoor purpose. The strength of a Bullet CCTV Camera lies in application areas that require long distance viewing, such as entrance, parking, boundaries, corridors, etc.

Available in multiple resolutions, Globus Bullet Camera comes with WDR of up to 140dB. The weather-proof housing of the camera with IP67 rating provides strength and ruggedness to the camera to withstand harsh weather conditions and day to day wear and tear.

To create high quality images even in poor lighting conditions, Globus Bullet Cameras come with Starlight technology. This technology helps the camera to create coloured images even in low light. Coupled with other beneficial features like motion detection, varifocal lenses, night vision, face recognition, perimeter intrusion, scene change detection, object removal, and so forth, Globus Bullet CCTV Camera serves as a perfect installation for outdoor security purpose.

PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera that stands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom, is equipped with the facility to be moved left or right, pan up or down and even zoom the lens to focus on closer or farther objects. These cameras are useful in establishments that require a wider range of surveillance. With its powerful optical zoom feature, it can focus on object situated at a considerable distance from the camera. It can analyse situation from quite a long distance, making it the most efficient CCTV Camera for boundaries, peripheries, parking lot, etc.


Globus PTZ Camera allows users to set Presets in the camera that will rotate, tilt, zoom for a mentioned time automatically to maximize your coverage area. It is possible to monitor a large area with a single unit of this camera, making it the most cost efficient security solution for a premise.

Available in wide range of resolutions, Globus PTZ Camera creates stunning, high quality recording to ensure premium quality live-viewing and surveillance of a property. With its incredible IR night vision range, it can create sharp and clear images even in total darkness. Furthermore, coupled with smart video analytics, our PTZ Camera makes for an efficient, premium and high quality CCTV Camera for outdoor purposes.

Globus Infocom is a Make in India brand and a leading technology provider in Education Technology, Collaborative Conferencing and Professional Display, Security & Surveillance and Healthcare & Wellness. Our Security & Surveillance products and solutions basket includes a wide range of IP-based CCTV Camera (Dome, Bullet, Panoramic and PTZ), Thermal Screening Cameras, NVRs, DVRs, Body Worn Cameras, Mobile Surveillance, and other accessories to provide a holistic and workable security and surveillance solution to any public or corporate organization.

Being an industry leader for the past 2 decades and a proud Make in India brand, we have provided comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to many state-run schools, colleges, universities, training centres, hospitals, healthcare facilities, paramilitary forces, courts, etc.

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