Queue Management System is a digitised solution to make service-seeking crowd more systemised and organized. Our solution includes an Information Kiosk, Display and interactive software to generate tokens. It is an automated system to manage and smoothen walk-in services and customer flow at places like airports, post office, courts, hospitals, clinics, etc. The in-built software with Queue Management System efficiently handles and manages customers’ requests. It also helps reduce conflicts within the queue and makes services more transparent and swift.

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In the Queue Management System, a proper systemised way is constructed so as to reduce the queue lengths and waiting time. Also, waiting time for each service-seeker can be predicted. With the unique token number assigned to each person, a serene and stress-free waiting can be done. In some places, online token generation can also be done, where service seekers can obtain a token remotely and then reach the premises at an assigned time.

There are several benefits of Queue Management System, reducing conflicts within crowd is only one of them. In this segment, we will discuss each benefit of Queue Management System in detail.

Faster Processing

Queue Management System analyses customers’ needs, right from the time they step inside the premises. The customers can generate a digital token from the electronic device like Information Kiosk or from a smartphone app. They will be assigned a number in the queue that allows them to move freely without losing their position in the queue. With the help of this fully-automated system, they can also gauge their waiting time.

Improved Productivity

For the organization, Queue Management System can be a useful tool to improve the overall productivity of their service staff. Since the queue is managed by auto-generated token numbers, the service-providing team doesn’t have to deal with the conflicts and management of queue. They can focus solely on providing the best and appropriate service to the seekers. Also, the remaining time in the hand can be put to better use like handling other important matters.


Better Customer Experience

Customers are more relaxed and assured when there is an automated Queue Management System, instead of a conventional disorganised queue. The QMS allots the number and print tickets for customers, helping them enjoy the virtual queuing system. With the help of this QMS, the organization can also take instant feedback from the customers. This data can be utilised to better the service of the company and enhance their experience even more.

Better Engagement

Since managing queue with the help of our Queue Management System is automated and more systematic, the service employees can focus better on their core areas of talent. This increases their engagement in their job, thus providing the better customer experience for the service-seekers. It saves the organization’s time and money by completing the tedious tasks automatically and quickly.

Reduced Waiting Time

When the queue is managed automatically, service staff doesn’t have to waste time on appointing numbers to the people or dealing with conflicts within the queue. The real-time management of queue helps in reducing thee waiting time. It also prevents service breakdown and allows businesses to run more efficiently.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

In service based organizations, the management can obtain the data and reports instantly. They can generate performance report of the department and devise further strategies to improve the services.

When the queue is unstructured and the waiting time is uncertain, there are chances of conflicts and commotion. Therefore, at places where there is a massive footfall of service-seekers, a well-organized Queue Management System is a must.

Application of Queue Management System

Globus Queue Management System can be used in any organization that experience significant crowd of service-seekers. It is helpful in banks, post offices, hospitals, airports, railway stations, government utility centres, passport offices, etc.