Digital Signage has become an increasingly common sight in India. From shopping malls to airports, every organization, be it public or private is deploying Digital Signage tools like Information Kiosk, Digital Standee (Vertical Signage), Digital Token System, Digital Touch Table, etc for public information display. Information Kiosk is a part of Digital Signage technology that is used in many place for accessing information and seeking services. In this blog, you will find the in-depth definition, use, benefits and application of Information Kiosk along with its salient features.

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What is Information Kiosk?

Information Kiosk is a digital-equipped unit with a touch-enabled display and a keyboard to display information, provide services, aid wayfinding in public areas like shopping malls, post office, banks, airports, railway stations, hospitals, hotels, etc. It provides information in an easily-accessible and efficient way. It helps customers making informed decisions and seeking services without hassles. Information Kiosks have also helped businesses to expand sales and grow returns.

Types of Kiosks

There are multiple types of kiosks including Information Kiosks. In this segment, find the different types of kiosks that are used by different organizations and their areas of application.

Self-Service Kiosk

As the name suggests, Self Service Kiosks are used in public areas for providing services like making payment, printing documents, issue ID cards/tokens, or book a flight/rail ticket. They are used in hospitals for checking in for appointments, at government offices to print ID cards, at offices for visitors entry, at industries to record task data, at banks to update passbooks or make NEFT transactions, and in retail shops to make payments or order a product.

It can also be used in schools for parents to pay fees, make visitors entry, etc. At events as well, Self-Service Kiosks are used to pre-register and print tickets.

Information Kiosks

Information Kiosks are used for dissemination of information at public areas to a large number of audiences. The information is clear, concise and detailed for general public to understand. They are used in hospitals, government offices, corporates, retails, schools, railway stations to display information that can be consumed by larger number of people.

Queue Management System

Queue Management System includes a Kiosk, software and set of displays to manage a service-seeking queue and thereby reducing their waiting time. In this solution, the customer can reach to a Kiosk and enter the service they intend to see. They will be provided an option to make payment and a digital token will be generation. The digital token will be having service sought, time and token number stamped on it. Through this, the customer can estimate the waiting time, which reduces commotion and conflicts.

Benefits of Information Kiosk

There are umpteen ways in which Information Kiosks can benefit both business owners as well as customers. It is not only visually appealing, but also improves engagement, revenue generation, customer service, customer experience, etc. Here are some other benefits of Information Kiosks for organizations.

Improves Customers’ Experience

Seeking information and services from a manned service window can be tiresome not only for customers but also for employees. In these cases, a long queue is often seen at the booths with customers soon wearing out their patience. In case of Information Kiosk, customers can straight way walk over to a device and seek the information or service they want. They can also make digital payments and generate receipts.

Better Engagement

An Information Kiosks gives a facelift to a space and also draws attentions of visitors. Apart from increasing their attention span, it also increases their engagement. Designed on the grounds of digital technology, Information Kiosks seems more visually appealing to the customers and hence, they are encouraged to use them for seeking services.

Increased Employees Productivity

In service-based organizations and establishments, Information Kiosks play a great role in reducing the work pressure on manpower. These devices make simple tasks like booking an appointment, paying for a service, book and print tickets more convenient and doable for customers. Thus, customers can get their hands on these services by themselves without having to queue up at a counter.

Reduces Cost

Another benefit of using Information Kiosk is that it reduces cost of operating a service-based business. The organization doesn’t have to employee too many service employees to tackle customers as these Information Kiosks readily provide basic facilities like information, booking tickets, printing tickets, booking appointment, checking schedule, etc.

Instant Customer Service

At places like railway stations, post offices, airports, etc, customers can seek services like booking the tickets, checking PNR status, flight status, etc on their own. They can instantly retrieve information from the kiosk without having to line up at a manned counter. This also adds to greater customer satisfaction and better management of work force.

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