Digital Signage has become an indispensable part of public places as well as organization for information communication and engagement. This technology is also impacting the education sector that has readily embraced digital revolution. From primary level to university, Digital Signage can empower the education sector to great levels. It can be used for building engagement, communicating information and giving a contemporary facelift to the infrastructure.

digital signage for learning

Globus’ vertical of Digital Signage deals in LED Display Wall, Video & Data Wall, Information Kiosk, Digital Touch Table and Vertical Signage. All these comprehensive signage solutions can be deployed in educational institutes to build engagement among students, teachers and visitors, communicate information in an attention-grabbing manner and beautify the space.

Moving further, let’s explain how Digital Signage solutions can be a useful tool for educational institutes like schools, colleges and universities.

Vertical Signage as Notice Boards

Globus provides a wide range of Vertical Signage solutions that are not only beneficial for communication of information but also are visually-appealing. Their slim and futuristic design adds to the aesthetic value of the space. Vertical Signage can be used in the lobby areas, corridors and reception areas to display information like event, circulars, notices, examination schedule, teacher schedule, etc.

Information Kiosks for Self-Service for Parents and Guardians

Globus’ Information Kiosk can be used for procuring information as well as accessing services like fee payment, parent-teacher meeting schedule, checking examination schedule. The Kiosk can also be used to find rooms like staff room, classroom and other way finding features. Information Kiosk comes with an easy to use software that helps conveying information quick, easy and eco-friendly. The content of the Information Kiosk can be changed remotely from a system. It can also be used to display information in corridors, lobby areas, receptions, auditoriums, etc.

Digital Notice Board for Fun Facts, Current Affairs

Globus Digital Notice Board or Large Format Display are best solutions for display information like current affairs, education news, local news, fun facts, quote of the day to students. While the blackboard or whiteboard with handwritten content often escapes students’ eyes, Digital Notice Boards are successfully in catching the attention of students. With the help of our digital signage software, administration can change the content as and when required remotely.


LED Walls in Auditoriums

Using projects and projector screens in auditoriums are the things of past. These days, LED Display Walls have replaced the traditional means of signage. Being the high-end Digital Signage solution, LED walls create the best results in terms of visual appeal, brightness, colours, etc.

 In the auditorium, LED Walls can be installed to play videos, create backdrop, and display presentations during events and conferences that take place in schools. The high brightness and wide viewing angles make it a feasible display solution for auditoriums and large seminar halls.

Large Format Display in Seminar Halls

Large Format Displays can be used in seminar halls, laboratories and libraries to display information. In seminar halls, Large Format Displays are of great use to display presentations, videos, infographics, course content, etc. In laboratories, experiment simulations can be displayed to guide students in performing the experiments. Libraries can make use of digital display to convey information like library shelves map, books issued, etc. They can also inform the students about new additions in the library with the help of digital signage.

Digital Touch Table

Digital Touch Table is a feature-rich interactive smart table that can be installed in lobby areas, laboratories, and even classrooms for display information, accessing multimedia course content, experiments simulations, maps, etc. The touch table can also be equipped with inbuilt multimedia content to make learning more interactive and interesting for students.

Globus Infocom has a wide range of Digital Signage solutions along with interactive software that facilitates an engaging form of information communication in educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities training institutes, language training centres, etc.

Our range of Digital Signage solutions and products include LED Display Wall, Information Kiosk, Large Format Display, Digital Token System and Digital Touch Table.