Technology has impacted every single aspect of our life today. Education is no exception. Fortunately, the governing bodies have stressed upon the importance of technology in education in the form of smart classroom solutions. Resultantly, the majority of educational institutes in India have invested in technologically-rich tools like smart classroom, smart boards, language lab, digital board, etc to bring the best out of the classroom lessons.

Technology has profoundly changed education. For one, technology has increased teachers’ and students’ access to information. They no longer have to rely only on books only to propagate information. Also, it has reduced the cost of education because many reputed educational institutes of India are now resorting to virtual classroom solutions. The individuals don’t have to travel to the centres of learning to get an education. Similarly, teachers also can reach out to more number of children in a given amount of time.

smart classroom in india

Getting accustomed to using technology in their personal lives, the students these days have become more independent in classrooms as technology provides them room to access the infinite pool of knowledge. Aided by a teacher’s traditional teaching methods, the students can get into the crux of the subject they are being taught.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous ways in which technology has changed education in India. Let’s read how technology has changed the face of the classroom.

Simplifying Lessons

Technology has simplified teachers’ busy schedules. It provides a substantial level of support to prepare the lessons. The smart classroom solutions help teachers to segregate their lessons, save them online and conduct them in a multimedia-rich manner. Even the assignments and assessments can be delivered to the students remotely via internet.

Increased Attendance

Technology surely makes learning more interesting and fun-filled. This makes students more willing to learn and be attentive. This further increases student attendance in a classroom. Better understanding of subjects boosts students’ morale to learn.

Better Assessment

By the means of technology, teachers can gauge better how students are receiving the lessons. Online feedback option helps them to get real- time feedback to determine how the students understand a lesson. They can also customize their lessons as per individuals to improve their performance.

digital board in india

Boundaries No Bar

Gone are the days when lessons were limited to classrooms only. Teachers can disseminate knowledge from anywhere. With the help of virtual classrooms, teachers can reach out to their students remotely. Also, it helps students who live in areas that don’t have better access to education.

Learning at your Own Pace

Not everyone has the same retention power. Some are quick learners while others take time to process information. The modern learning practices are devised keeping this in mind. The idea of Virtual Classroom is to create an environment that allows students to learn at their own pace. Teachers can set mini goals for each student separately to boost their morale and encourage them to break their own records.

Encouraging Collaboration

Technology brings flexibility to the table. This flexibility enables the students to learn collaboratively. IFPDs and Digital Board allow students to contribute to the lesson and interact with each other getting a better picture of the subject. Teachers can organize problem-solving activities and gamify learning to reduce boredom.

smart learning in india

Multimedia for Better Understanding

While the textbooks have only written information in a set format, the multimedia content played on the Digital Board/IFPD can provide a better understanding of a concept. For example, respiration can be better understood if shown in a video format. The textbook learning comes with certain limitations and can also be tedious for some. Assignments can also be made fun using interactive quizzes, storytelling, video making, etc.

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