Interactive Display for education is what textbooks are to learning. Although these digitally-equipped devices are no longer a new phenomenon in schools and colleges, their adoption in education has picked pace only recently. Since the past few years, Interactive Touch Displays are making generation changes in our learning as well collaboration patterns and have found multiple applications in educational institutes ranging from classroom learning to auditoriums/seminar halls.

interactive display for smart classroom

Interactive Displays are making unprecedented changes in the teaching methodology and the way how students perceive information in many educational establishments across India. There are umpteen reasons for which educational institutes are moving rapidly towards Interactive Touch Screens varying from building student engagement to teaching efficiency.

However, this multi-faceted display offers more than what meets the eye. In this blog, we have jotted down ways in which Interactive Flat Panel Diplays transform, elevate and enhance education.

How Interactive Displays Impact Education

Interactive Touch Displays, what some call Interactive Touch Screen Displays deliver loads of benefits for classroom learning and collaboration. Here are some to name the few.

Interactive Touch Boards Support Active Learning & Collaboration

Interactive Displays are built with an inherent capability to elevate any classroom or lecture room environment. It supports active learning with greater involvement from learners. One of the greatest advantages of Interactive Display Board is that these dynamic devices bring visual appeal to learning in the form of multimedia-rich content that contains graphics, videos, animations, PDFs, presentations, simulations and much more.

Furthermore, with the help of Interactive Displays, multiple students can work together simultaneously on the Interactive Whiteboard making learning more inclusive and collaborative. With the intuitive Interactive Suite of the display analyze text or images, work through a task, engage with games & quizzes, practice exercises and much more.

Make Students & Teachers Digital-Ready

Interactive Displays help students and teachers to develop a critical life skill i.e., being conversant in digital technology. The jobs of today and tomorrow require greater adaptability, familiarity with technology and problem-solving skills. To prepare students to face the technology-intensive environment of the outside world, Interactive Boards or any other such technology in classrooms is beneficial.

students using interactive display

Boost Student Engagement and Enthusiasm

When taught using Touch Screen Interactive Displays, students are more engaged, and they pay more attention to learning. Teachers who have used such touch screen displays in classrooms reported increased attentiveness, engagement and better participation from students. Even in higher education, students are more assigned to the academics when taught with Interactive Touch Displays. The impact of Interactive Technology classroom was positive as it improved the quality of student learning and the classroom environment.

Instant Feedback

Research has shown the instruction along with feedback creates greater learning impact. It doubles the pace at which students learn. Interactive Displays create more opportunities for teachers to gauge students’ learning acumen via group discussions, brainstorming sessions, quizzes, and games. These activities allow students to register immediate responses of their understanding.

Better Classroom Management

Interactive Display can be a great tool to keep classes running efficiently and smoothly. Apart from making lessons more dynamic and visually-rich, they also offers options like Screen Recording to maintain a reliable repository of classroom sessions for future references and to avoid post-class data loss. With the help of Wireless Data Sharing, teachers can demonstrate a wide array of information in the form of presentations on the display. Overall, Interactive Panels provide a central space around which the classroom sessions take place.


Educators who have deployed Best Interactive Displays in their instructional practices are benefiting from its full range of features like interactivity, seamless management, user-friendly interface, reliability and freedom to explore wide variety of content. Globus Infocom, a leading Education Technology Providers in India and a Make in India brand, has one of the widest range of Interactive Touch Displays in its product basket, in sizes ranging from 65 inches to 98 inches. Some of the highlighting features of our Smart Boards are:

  • Multi-Touch Support
  • In-Built Powerful Sound System
  • Flicker-free display with Multi-Touch Support
  • Ultra HD Resolution
  • Dual Tipped Pen with Pen & Eraser functionality
  • Wireless Presentations
  • 4K Screen Recording
  • In-Built Interactive Suite
  • Slim Bezels & Premium Design

Adaption of these smart and sleek displays in education definitely transforms the learning environment of the classroom. To explore our complete range of high-end displays, click here.

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