Digital Board for Smart Classroom and Advanced Learning

Digital Board is a state-of-the-art Smart Classroom Solution that has successfully magnified the impact of classroom learning in India. This tried-and-tested solution has been installed in many state-run institutes and results are more than flattering. For the uninitiated, Digital Board is an elaborate solution that combines Interactive Display (a touch screen display with inbuilt software), a mini PC, Digital Cabinet, Visualizer along with the pre-loaded Digital Content for Classes K-12 as per CBSE curriculum.

Digital Boards have successfully replaced the traditional blackboard system without leaving much to desire. It opens countless avenues for teachers to use technology to their benefit and make classroom learning stretch out to the real-world examples of concepts. In this blog, you will find some of infinite benefits that Digital Boards (Smart Boards) have promised to our educational scenario.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail how Digital Board has impacted education with its beneficial features.

Superior Image Quality in High Resolution

The large display that varies from 55 inches to 98 inches offers spectacular clarity of colours and brightness to the audience. The wide viewing angle creates more room for students, including those who are sitting in the extremities of a classroom. The details of the documents, images, content, text are highlighted with the vivid, sharp 4K resolution, providing an engaging and workable teaching environment.

Globus Digital Board - Smart Classroom

Sliding Cover for Added Protection

When not in use, the Digital Board can be covered using a whiteboard sliding cover. With the mechanical lock, the teachers can secure the digital board to prevent vandalism. The cover also doubles up as a traditional whiteboard.

User-Friendly Interface 

The interface of Digital Boards is designed keeping the user convenience on priority. The shortcut keys on the bottom panel allow quick and easy access to various functions. The side connectors allow the users to connect their external devices easily. Speakers are seated on the either side of the bottom panel for immersive audio experience.

Unparalleled Protection of Toughened Glass

Globus Digital Board’s high definition display is protected by a layer of toughened glass which is resistant to vandalism. This makes the solution absolutely safe for everyday classroom use.

Touch to write

The IR-based super-responsive touch registers both fingers and stylus as touch. With the help of its touch screen you can tap gently on the screen with your finger of write smoothly over it. It gives the feeling of writing on real paper with a pen. It precisely captures your handwriting, providing you legible alphabets. The multi-touch feature of the Digital Board can be used for gestures as well as collaborative teaching experience.

Wireless Screen Mirroring

Say goodbye to projectors, as you can easily mirror the screen of your device on a Digital Board using the Wireless Screen Mirroring feature. This two way touch control technology brings a new human-machine interactive experience. The data of a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone can be shared in real time without cable hassles.

download files from Interactive Display via QR code

Download Files on Smartphones by QR Code

Downloading and transferring files has never been easier before. Teachers can download the content from the Digital Board just by scanning a QR code on their smartphone. This one-click data download helps them create an easy data backup on their personal devices. The data can also be saved directly to Google Drive or One Drive.

Eye Care

Digital Board comes with a reading mode which decreases the blue light emissions, reducing the strain on eyes. This improves the comfort of the students who are viewing the screen for long durations of classes. The anti-glare coating on the display eliminates reflection for better visibility. The brightness is also adjusted automatically when someone is writing on the board.

How Technology Has Impacted Education

Smart Board or Digital Board technology in the classroom is replacing the conventional whiteboards, overhead projectors and blackboards in many classrooms across the country. They are enriching the students’ learning experience by making a typical lesson into a fun, more interactive one.

Access to Multimedia Content

Digital Boards provide visual elements like videos, pictures, flowcharts, presentations, etc to enrich the learning experience. It also makes learning much easier as teachers have more resources at hands to make topics more understandable.

Globus Infocom Digital Board for e Learning

Better Engagement, Better Learning

Researches have cemented that students learn better when they are able to interact and engage. This is the work done by Digital Board. Giving a practical insight into the subject, the teachers can make lessons easy to grasp and retain. With its collaborative multi-touch, more than one student can work on the Digital Board simultaneously. This feature comes in handy while conducting classrooms quizzes and discussion sessions.

Low-Maintenance Technology

Above all, Digital Board or Smartboard are low maintenance. How? Using Digital Board means lesser dependence on the pen and paper. This reduces the cost of replenishing stationery while following an eco-friendly path to education. Also, Digital Board is easier to clean and maintain as compared to the conventional chalk and blackboard setup.

Never-Ending Source of Knowledge

Smart technology opens avenues to unlimited pool of knowledge on the internet. Teachers and students can access the online resources of information to aid learning. The information accessed can be easily displayed on the Digital Board to cater to the larger number of audience.

Making Children Ecologically Responsible

If we’re talking about being environment friendly, using Digital Boards in classrooms also reduces the carbon footprint of education. They don’t use worksheets and papers and also substantially reduces the need of Xerox for the students. This way, Digital Boards reduces the reliance of educational institutes on paper and ink.

Reduced Absenteeism

Digital Board in classrooms reduce student absenteeism. Once the lessons are made engaging using digital tools, students are less likely to skip the classes. Also, using technology at young age increases students’ exposure to digital tools which they have to ultimately use later in their life.

Digital Board also raises test scores, improves information retention in students, and enhances literacy, boost attendance and increases interactivity in education.