CCTV cameras have become an indispensable installation in every office or organization. It is a requisite to ensure the well-being and security of your business round the clock. With so many options on your plate right now, it is important to make an informed and mindful decision while choosing a CCTV Camera for your indoor purpose. There are several parameters that need to be kept in mind while making a purchase including resolution, housing, type of lenses, storage, technology, etc. Buying a surveillance system according to your requirements is a tough decision for most people; hence we have tried to simplify this for you.

cctv cameras for indoor application

In this blog, we have compiled a list of best choices of indoor CCTV cameras by Globus Infocom (a Make in India brand) for your indoor use.

Globus Dome CCTV Camera

Globus Dome CCTV Cameras, named after their dome-shaped structure, are one of the best picks for the indoor purpose, be it an office or an educational institute. Owing to their premium design and small form factor, they blend in very well with the surrounding. Due to its round glass housing, it is difficult for anyone to tell which direction the CCTV Camera is actually focussing in. This serves as a perfect deterrent for miscreants and helps preventing vandalism or tampering.

Available in multiple resolutions including 2MP,4MP,5MP,4K (8MP) with Wide Dynamic Range up to 140 dB, Globus Dome Cameras come with a fixed as well as motorized zoom lens for changing focal lengths accordingly. It helps creating clear and crisp image of objects located at different distances from the camera.

To facilitate round-the-clock surveillance of an area, Globus Dome Cameras are equipped with Smart IR sensors for recording high quality videos even in no light conditions. Coupled with our Smart Video Analytics, our cameras are protected by vandal proof IK10-rated metal housing to prevent breakage and vandalism.

Globus Indoor Bullet Camera

Bullet Cameras, as the name suggests, are known for its bullet-like structure. Owing to its wide range and ability to view objects even from a long distance, they can be used indoors at places like corridors, entrance, indoor parking lots, etc. Equipped with Smart IR Technology and Starlight Technology, they are ideal to be deployed at places that require round the clock surveillance. Available in various resolutions including 2MP, 4MP, 5MP, 4K [8MP}, Bullet Cameras comes with dual lens; motorized zoom lens and fixed lens for variable focal lengths. Due to high visibility of these cameras, they act as a deterrent for people who enter the premises.

dome cctv camera

Also, Bullet Cameras are easier to install and can be wall mounted using the metallic wall-mounting that provides support and stability to the camera.

Globus Fish Eye Camera

Fish Eye Cameras are unique, fixed cameras for a 360-degree surveillance of an indoor space. This camera, having a 360-degree panoramic lens, acts as a one-stop surveillance solution for a large space. A single Fisheye Camera is able to provide a wide and all-rounder coverage of a space with zero blind spots and ultimate clarity. Further equipped with Smart IR and Starlight Technology, Fish Eye Camera ensures uninterrupted surveillance of a premise during both day and night.

It supports H.265+ video codec to achieve better compensation ratio while maintaining the superior picture quality. It reduces the bandwidth as well as storage consumption and to provide an cost-effective and convenient surveillance system to your organization.

The de-warping technology of the Fish Eye Camera enables users to see the video output as multiple regional views or panoramas. Thus, such type of cameras are easy to install and even easier to use and maintain.

180-Degree Bullet Camera

In 180-Degree Bullet Camera, a single sensor creates a 180-degree panoramic view, providing much wider surveillance coverage to the premises. This single unit is capable of securing users’ premises efficiently, with superb image quality. This high-end camera produces spherical images for wider coverage and has designated features to de-warp the output image to original.

panoramic bullet camera

The WDR technology of Globus 180-Degree Network Bullet Camera helps recording the scene with greater detail and accurate colour reproduction even under extreme back light and high contrast conditions. The 120dB Super WDR ensures high quality images regardless of lighting conditions.

To maximize performance, Globus CCTV Cameras including the 180-Degree Network Bullet Camera comes with Smart IR technology to guarantee high optic performance even at night or dark conditions. Coupled with our Smart Video Analytics, our range of Indoor CCTV Cameras provides advanced, accurate and intelligible video analysis, enabling quicker response to different scenarios and providing wholesome security to an organization.

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