In this digital era, everything around is growing and evolving at rapid pace, especially education. Technology has transformed education as we know it and transmogrified the very method of learning. With the influx of technology, classrooms and teaching methods have evolved to become more contemporary and two-way.

These changes are taking place in line with many research which state that method of instruction by teachers play a significant role in enriching quality of learning. Adoption of Smart Classroom and Smart Learning is an example of this kind of change in the educational sector. Before learning about the benefits of Smart Learning, let us read how Smart Learning is different from Traditional Learning.

smart learning solutions vs traditional learning

Smart Learning vs. Traditional Learning: What is the difference?

In traditional classroom setting, education was being imparted via blackboards, chalkboard, textbooks, assignments, and assessments; all in physical format. Students attend classes in person to get educated and teachers imparted instructions to students verbally with the help of blackboard/whiteboard.

In case of Smart Learning Solutions, a variety of digital tools like Smart Boards, Digital Content, Online Learning Solution, Language Learning Software, Tablet Learning Solution, etc. were combined to extend the flexibility and engagement of a traditional classroom.

In Smart Learning Solutions, the focus is to deploy audio-visual tools, remote learning, digital content to boost student engagement, amplify academic results, and improve overall impact of education. The teacher is a guide who helps students to navigate their own independent path of learning. Learning patterns are customized and personalized to suit the pace of every student individually.

Advantages of Smart Learning Solutions over Traditional Learning

There are several advantages Smart Learning Solutions has over Traditional Learning, for which the latter is being rapidly replaced at many educational institutes across the globe. Some of them given below:

online learning solutions provide flexibility


Smart Learning offers much greater flexibility to learners and teachers as compared to the Traditional Learning. In traditional setup, students are in constant pressure to copy the contents of the blackboard in their notebooks and in be in sync with the rest of the students of the class. On the other hand, Smart Learning provides enough room to learners to learn at their own pace. With the help of Digital Content, students can learn at according to their own learning pattern without having to maintain notes in their notebooks.

Also, Smart Learning methods like Online Learning provides flexibility to students to learn from anywhere and anytime they want. They can learn as per their own capacity which is best suited for their growth. With instant feedback options,

More Engagement

As compared to traditional form of learning, Smart Learning offer greater level of engagement among students. Smart Learning involves digital content that includes multimedia-rich files, presentations, animations, videos, etc. to simplify complex concepts of science, mathematics, geography, history, etc. Research has substantiated that our mind tends to retain information better in pictorial form as compared to the textual format.

teaching using technology in classroom

Better Assimilation of Technology Among Teachers

Not only students but teachers also get acquainted with technology. With everything moving towards digitization, it is equally important for teachers also to work their hands on technology. Smart Learning does exactly this for them. It familiarizes educators with the latest technology and internet.

Better Feedback

In case of traditional learning, students are shy and apprehensive to share their doubts and problems with teachers in front of other students. Under peer pressure, students are unable to escalate their issues to the teachers on time. As a result, some students lag behind the others. In Smart Learning, with the help of instant feedback feature, students are able to convey their concerns to teachers. Teachers can also track the progress of every student individually in real-time to devise tailor-made strategy for learners of every type.

Motivates Students

Smart Learning fills students with confidence to learn better and more. It piques students’ interest in subjects in more conceptual way, instead of just mugging up facts to score better in examination. The visualizations and graphical explanation of concepts take students in the world of imagination where they can understand things better.


Smart Education offers numerous opportunities to students to expand their capabilities. With the combination of visual techniques, it presents information in a more effective manner, improving the understanding and learning for next-gen students.

After successful deployment of Smart Learning Solutions in many educational establishments in India, we have witnessed longer retention of knowledge among students. Access of technology in Smart Learning also broadens students’ mind due to the variety and scale of information available to the learners.

Making learning fun and an exciting adventure, Smart Learning does a great deal to prepare children for their future workspaces. There are now a number of brands that are offering Education Technology Solutions in India including Globus Infocom. It is a Make in India brand that provides comprehensive Smart Classroom Solutions for schools and colleges.