With the rising demand of security and surveillance, Starlight technology is becoming increasingly popular in the CCTV cameras today. It is the latest security feature that CCTV camera companies are adding to their product line-up. This technology enables the cameras to make darkness visible. Starlight technology has taken low-light surveillance to another level. Along with IR sensors for making surveillance possible in the dark, Globus CCTV cameras also come with Starlight technology for coloured and detailed images of focussed objects even in low light conditions.

starlight technology in cctv cameras

What is Starlight Technology? How does it work?

The sensors of Starlight cameras make photography in extremely low-light possible by increasing the light sensitivity up to 2000mV or more per 1µm2. Starlight cameras slow down the cameras’ electronic shutter speed to capture more light in order to record in colour. It involves both hardware and software to work together to render impeccable picture quality in challenging light conditions. Both special sensor and special algorithms work hand in hand to product coloured images in low light conditions.

The Starlight cameras are easy to install and equipped with video analytics to enrich performance and data management including digital noise reduction, intelligent video analytics, remote access, etc. It provides high definition coloured images in the dark, which is a result of starlight technology combined with the intelligent auto exposure. This enables the camera to adapt to the low light conditions and produce images which comparatively clearer as compared to the conventional cameras.

Starlight camera will provide both black and white and coloured night vision depending upon the lighting conditions. If it is too dark, it will render black and white images. Since the sensors of the Starlight cameras are more sensitive, they provide better image output than any average security camera.


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Starlight Camera vs Infrared Camera: What is the difference?

People often confuse the Starlight camera with the Infrared cameras. Starlight is better than Infrared in terms of image output. However, nowadays most of the cameras combine both Starlight and Infrared technology. The major difference between the Starlight technology and Infrared is that the former give coloured images even in low lighting conditions while Infrared renders images in dark as well. IR cameras have to use the attached Infrared sensors to get visible images at night.

Benefits of Starlight Camera

When combined with video analytics software, Starlight cameras offer high quality image output. Here are a few advantages that Starlight cameras have over the average cameras.

  • Better level of security since Starlight cameras can offer clear images even in night. So if the trespasser switches the lights off to hide, he can still be captured on the camera.
  • Provides video analytics and colour filtering down to 0.0001 lux~0.0003 lux.
  • When other cameras show no images at all in dark areas, Starlight cameras give detailed black and white images.
  • It improves low light performance of the CCTV cameras to provide round the clock surveillance.

Where to install Starlight CCTV cameras?

As the definition itself suggests, Starlight CCTV cameras provide clear images in low light conditions which makes them useful for outdoor purpose. There are places like garages, porch, parking lot, etc that cannot be brightly lit all the time. That’s where Starlight cameras come to use. They provide greater visibility detecting trespassing, theft, vandalism, etc. with its smart video analytics tool.