Virtual Classroom is a comprehensive online learning solution to create a consolidated space for conducting online classes and maintain learning resources without requiring students and teachers to be physically present under the same roof. With the help of modern technology and innovations, it has become very convenient and effective to simulate a life-like classroom environment in an online classroom, with amplified engagement and results.

During the recent times, the concept of Virtual Classroom has gained momentum with the field of distance education. Undoubtedly, Online Learning Solutions have made quality education sustainable, accessible and affordable for all, including those residing in Tier III cities and rural areas of the country. When used optimally, Virtual Classroom Solutions boosts student engagement and create a conducive environment that aids well-rounded education of learners.

how to boost engagement in online learning

Tips to Improve Engagement in a Virtual Classroom in Remote Learning

Virtual Classroom LMS

Student engagement is the degree of attention, curiosity, interest and optimism of students towards the concepts of their academics. Students can engage in learning if they actively participate in the lessons they are being taught.  

Promote Active Learning

Active learning, which involves complete immersion and engagement of students in lessons, is a great tool to impart knowledge in an effective manner. Virtual Classroom is laced with features like multimedia-rich content, simulations, videos, presentations, PDFs, e-books, etc. to create an environment that goes beyond simple lecture-style instructional practice.

Virtual Classroom Solutions are one of the biggest ways to engage students and encourage them to give a thought about what they are learning. Furthermore, with technology in hand, students will participate actively in learning activities like quizzes, group discussion, presentations, etc, creating more room for dialogue.

Boost Virtual Collaboration

Building collaboration is one of the proven ways to boost engagement in a classroom, be it Virtual or Physical. In case of online learning, it is even more important to provide learners with some elements of social experience with their colleagues. This is why boosting collaboration is one of the stepping stones to increase student engagement in Virtual Classroom.

Virtual Classroom solutions provide a number of ways to enable this kind of collaboration including quizzes, group discussions, chats, forums, breakout rooms, instant messaging, etc. Globus Virtual Classroom and Learning Management system, for an instance, provides all sorts of capabilities like Live Polls, Forums, Live Annotations, Shared Whiteboard, Code Editor, etc. to boost collaboration among learners.



The best way to boost student engagement is to make lessons as enjoyable as they can be. Gamification is one such method to make classroom sessions fun-based, interactive and engaging. In Virtual Classroom, teachers can engage students in games like quizzes, polls, puzzles, etc. to hold their attention for a longer time and test their understanding of the subject. Students can also be divided into groups and be assigned group tasks to enhance their social skills as well as knowledge. There are endless ways in which Virtual Classroom can assist instructors to gamify classroom sessions.


Virtual Classroom can be used in many ways to recreate the advantage of a physical classroom without requiring people to be actually present in the same place. Globus Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System is equipped with such features to enrich learning strategies, gamify lessons and focus on holistic development of learners. Using the innovative practices mentioned above, instructors can successfully create an engaging environment in remote learning.