The virtual classroom solution & Learning Management System has created a bridge between teachers and their learners from their homes with its advanced inbuilt features. Virtual Classroom solution for education provides space for interaction, engagement, and collaboration in real-time.

Teachers find a surprising number of situations where the learning environment virtually is beneficial for students. Today higher education is following the same pattern for broadcasting through internet connectivity which is helpful for the virtual classroom to be conducted properly.The learning space created through a virtual classroom solution is a medium to bring out excellent interactivity providing a comfortable and familiar learning paradigm.

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Being the most adopted solution since the rise of the trend of e-learning it has become the main solution to problems of distance learning. The Benefits of online teaching always depends on live interaction rather than silent participation.In contrast to the replacement of traditional learning paradigms focus of it should be that every teacher must be trained before using online screens so that they could guide the students in order to create a successful online learning setup.

What is a virtual classroom?

Virtual Classroom LMS

The virtual classroom solution for education could be defined as a class created over an online platform making it reachable from everywhere, anywhere you want. Lessons through virtual classroom setup is in sync with teachers and learners to interact in co-existent. Through the virtual classroom, educators can supplement existing classes with virtual lessons as part of a flipped classroom or blended learning. Virtual classroom solution promotes inclusive learning making accessibility for students unable to attend classes. Without breaking, continuity in education virtual classroom setup is helpful in digital learning.

The communication through the virtual classroom takes place through a video conferencing camera. For students who want to skill up themselves while teachers who want to reach a large medium of students through the best virtual classrooms solution can act as a gateway for it. With the evolved interest in e-learning and the wide acceptance of technology in the classroom, it’s certainly a good idea for teachers to invest in a virtual classroom setup for encouraging smart learning.

Why integration of the Learning Management System in a Virtual Classroom is important?

The learning process is made simpler as a result of the integration of learning management system software into the virtual classroom. Students and teachers only need to access the virtual classroom; eliminating the requirement for them to log into two different systems. With such an integration teaching and learning experiences have been enhanced by creating accessibility, ensuring detailed monitoring with proper assessments, developing engagement with gamified content & remarkable path for teachers to make teaching easier with the available creative courses created for teachers.

Take a complete walk-throw the features of Virtual Classroom below:

Live classes

The option of live classes in Virtual Classroom enhances your virtual learning sessions that allow teachers and students to collaborate in real time. Furthering instructor-led teaching, the Live Class features promote interactive, synchronous sessions for a perfect virtual learning environment for both learners and educators.

Breakout Rooms

Available option of breakout rooms in a virtual classroom solution where participants can work in small groups. Dividing students into groups so they can work together as a team. By dividing groups through sessions in online task distribution becomes easy. Giving special attention to children, therefore, becomes easy.

Track student data & progress

Virtual Classroom provides you the opportunity by giving instant feedback to learners. Instant feedback improves the performances of learners. Quiz tools help learners to get an idea of where they can work further. The most beneficial factor would be for teachers who do not have to manually review their quiz activity and by saving time, therefore they can work on the overall performance of students. auto certificate generation, and proctor exams to avoid cheating to help learners evaluate their growth.

Screen sharing

A virtual classroom setup provides screen-sharing options, which enhances interactivity in the classroom. Also, screen-sharing allows students to be attentive in the classroom. Through screen-sharing options, content can be shared on the screen to which learners in the classroom can refer to make the classroom more engaging. Also, the Screen-sharing option can be used effectively for virtual presentations too.

Content Library

Opportunities for both teachers and students to construct their own content library for easy reference in the classroom. Teachers and students can prepare a list of multimedia files like presentations, documents, PDFs, and excels before commencing the classroom preventing last-minute hustle to conduct effective sessions.

Gamification for an engaging session

The tailor-made gamified lessons make concepts easier to understand. Perfectly conceptualized and well-designed gamified sessions help in delivering interactive lessons engaging students more than any regular classes.

Virtual engagement amongst learners

Option to record live classes, sharing and learning by uploading documents, notes, videos, and even screen, discussion platforms like Chatroom, Hand Rise options, and Emojis choices allow students to ensure active participation in learning. Also, Videos can be optimized in the resolution of low, medium, and high allowing you to serve all levels of WIFI bandwidth.

Customizable course creation for teachers

Fulfilling the need of the teachers there is a better option of customizable creative courses for teachers to enhance flexibility and productivity. Teachers are given the freedom to prepare coursework, quiz questions, and many more unlocking immersive experiences.

Guided Career Pathways

With wider options available a child gets confused in choosing the subject which can define their career but with the Globus Virtual classroom & Learning management system proper guidance is given in choosing the defined domains shaping and creating your learning paths. Based on students’ competencies, there are suggestive assessed platforms following students’ overall results and assignments.

 What to watch out  for in a virtual classroom platform

Technology is all around us. People with the growing use of technologies in every aspect of life are becoming dependent on it, this dependency has driven ways for more innovations which leads to better learning outcomes. So the EdTech solution providers are developing pathways for learners with its easy, enhanced, and accessible features. One would probably opt for features that are more convenient for them so as provided by leading EdTech brands Globus Infocom Limited.

To look at the virtual classroom platform below mentioned points can be focused on.

Accessible – In virtual classroom participants must have easy access provided with just a link to get to the portal for accessing the classes.

Easy-to-understand- Easy-to-understand classes through the provided education resources collaborating with teachers to enhance smart learning.

Structured learning- In a virtual classroom, one must try to ensure that there must be reliable content to refer to.

Summing up

Since distance learning is growing more no physical space is therefore needed making education more flexible and adaptable. Looking at the current scenario wherein it has become very important to create an easily accessible learning environment with quality learning resources, a Virtual classroom solution for education with an integration of a Learning Management System is proving to be an ideal way for real connection in real-time adding to be another innovative educational tool provided by EdTech solution providers. If implemented in the right way, this could be the answer to the educational disparity existing across the nation.