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Virtual Classroom
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Globus Virtual Classroom is designed to push the boundaries of a regular classroom and introduce new & modern means of education in current pedagogical methods.

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Virtual Classroom Solution

Virtual Classroom Solution

Globus Virtual Classroom is a futuristic, online classroom/education solution which aids teachers and students to interact, collaborate and share content for simulating a classroom environment. Our Virtual Classroom solution for schools/colleges comprises of a Hardware including Video Conferencing Camera, MCU and Display (optional) along with our comprehensive Learning Management Software.

In other words, Globus Virtual Classroom is an online platform for teachers and students to work and collaborate simultaneously and enhance the overall learning experience of the latter. Our wide range of Virtual Classroom solutions connect the demographically-isolated teachers and students and provide them a platform to conduct lessons and trainings and serve as a best Virtual Classroom Software in India. 

Globus Learning Management System is aided by Virtual Classroom to manage, control and assess learning related activities like creating live classes, conducting online assessments, generating instant performance report, record live classes, share whiteboard, share content, etc. It also includes an E-Commerce section wherein teachers can create their custom course and even monetise over it. Students, who enrol for the courses can give live feedback to learning modules, providing teachers a room to improvise.

live class training through virtual classroom software at home
virtual training software at home
We have designed our Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System with an aim to add value to your online learning experience. We are innovating constantly to provide you best of both worlds. With the support of our dedicated customer base, we will be improvising on a regular basis to provide infinite possibilities to educators to make learning accessible, interactive and technically-advanced. Our solution is designed to push the boundaries of a regular classroom and introduce new & modern means of education in current pedagogical methods.

Key Features of Virtual Classroom for Schools/College

  • Instructors can convey information and multimedia content like presentations, PDF, documents, videos and images while conducting a Live Class.
  • Inbuilt whiteboard can be shared by instructor with their students. The latter, on the other hand, can also write on the board collaborating with other learners.
  • Multiple layout options to toggle between. (Overlay, Top, Corner & Left).
  • Multiple camera preset options to get a better, real life classroom-like environment.
  • Hand Raise option for learners to ask their doubts. Instructors can address their concerns immediately.  
  • Private chat and group chat forum to enable discussions among learners and instructor.

Key Features of Learning Management System

  • It is web-based software, thus it doesn’t require any downloads.
  • Instructors can create customised courses for learners and even monetise over them.
  • Test evaluation and report are also managed systemically by the Learning Management System.
  • Test and assessments are cheating and tampering proof.
  • Courses can be self-published or branded by the name of writer, can also be sold online.
  • This web-based software can be accessed in a laptop, Interactive Display, PC, tablet and smartphone as well.
  • The software consumes lesser internet bandwidth.
  • The user-friendly software has been designed specifically for instructor and students’ ease of use.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom

The rate of technological progress across the globe has prompted educational institutes to adopt modern pedagogical methods. One of them includes Virtual Classroom or Online Education. There are several benefits of investing in a Virtual Classroom Solution, some of which are given below.

Increased Mobility

Globus Virtual Classroom is a web-based portal that can be accessed even on smartphones and tablets. This means, learners can access the classes from their personal devices as well. It provides them great flexibility of time and place and benefits the institute as much as them. With the help of Students Forum, learners can interact with each other and discuss their progress.


Learners can interact with each other better than before. In a modern classroom structure that involves Virtual Classroom students can chat on forums, team up for group projects, compete for high scores on the leaderboard, etc. With the whiteboard sharing option, teachers and students can solve a problem together on the board.


Traditional classroom setup is often a one-way mechanism in which teachers deliver a lecture and students listen to it while taking notes. However, in Virtual Classroom (Online Classroom) provides learners a great freedom to engage with the learning material in their own creative way. Gamified lessons, scenario learning, multimedia content, etc pave a way for learners to adapt and learn more effectively.


There are two types of online learning; synchronous which means real-time and asynchronous which is offline learning. Traditional learning accounts for synchronous learning. Virtual Classroom provides an opportunity for teachers and students to practice both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Instructor can post a lesson and students can access them whatever time they find it most convenient.

Areas of Application

Globus Virtual Classroom is a useful solution for educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities, etc. They can also be used to impart training sessions in various institutes like skill development centres.

Globus Infocom is one of the leading Virtual Classroom Service Providers in India with myriad of features to conduct an effective, engaging and collaborative online learning session. It is a Make in India brand for Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System in India that has successfully installed its innovative education technology solutions in many educational establishments across the length and breadth of the country. Owing to our pan India sales and service network, we have carved a niche for ourselves as one of the best and reliable virtual classroom brands in India. 


Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

It is the best virtual classroom software I have used so far
I am using Globus online learning software for more than a year and its new update is very amazing. They have added some best features in their live class interface.
Review by Vipin Baleja / (Posted on 11/18/2020)
Globus Infocom is very punctual with their work
during this lockdown when there was not many option for delivery, they sent their engineer to install the solution in our school at the given time while taking all necessary precaution.
Review by Krishna / (Posted on 11/18/2020)
it is the best online learning software
I am using Globus virtual classroom software for online learning for over 6 months and it is very easy to use and its live class feature is very engaging.
Review by Armaan / (Posted on 11/18/2020)
Globus virtual classroom software is very easy to use.
virtual classroom software has been installed in my school for over 4 months which has genuinely helped us learn from home in an interactive way.
Review by Soumya / (Posted on 11/18/2020)

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