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Interactive Display - Impact i75-V1

Interactive Display - Impact i75-V1
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Globus Interactive Display is an advanced, next-generation touch display with utmost usability and interactivity. Our professional-grade displays deliver life-like picture quality and an immersive experience aided by its high brightness, super-responsive IR-based touch and in-built sound system.

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Globus Interactive Displays has carved a niche for itself in Education Technology by providing holistic, user-friendly and feature rich Smart Classroom Solutions (education technology solutions) to educational institutes across the country. Being one of our highest-selling EdTech products, it helps teachers and students to engage in academic activities better and create a collaborative learning environment.

With the help of its Ultra HD display and responsive touch screen, teachers and students can work together in making education a fun process. Usage of a smart board in classroom increases engagement, drive collaboration and improve outcomes by providing a user-friendly interface with easy accessibility to usable features.

Globus Interactive Displays is a proven technology to aid learning as well as collaboration in meeting rooms/boardrooms.

Ultra HD Resolution

Globus Interactive Displays sport an Ultra HD display with super-responsive touch technology. The vibrant colours with superb picture quality create brilliant images to enhance your viewing experience.  With 1.07 billion colours, Globus’ range of Interactive Display brings pictures to life on screen.

In-Built Digital Whiteboard to Aid Teaching

Globus Interactive Displays are perfect amalgamation of the conventional and contemporary practices of teaching. While we maintain that introduction of digital technology in teaching may boost outcomes, we also believe that we cannot entirely shun the conventional teaching methods. Thus, we have provided you with an in-built digital whiteboard with an easy to use interface. Teachers can work on the digital whiteboard just like any traditional board they’ve been using. The responsive touch responds swiftly making it easy like a breeze. With annotation features, you can draw, write, erase, annotate on the whiteboard.

AI Pen

Being one of the most striking features of our Interactive Displays for meeting, AI Pen allows users to draw an object on the screen while the AI displays relevant images from the internet on the screen. It enables users to perform a quick image search on the whiteboard itself without having to navigate away. 

4K Screen Recording

Record the lecture/conference session on the board in Ultra HD resolution and store it on your internal storage for future reference. This feature facilitates quick creation of repository for your learning/meeting resources without any hassles. 

Wireless Content Sharing

Using this feature, users can share content on the Interactive Displays remotely and wirelessly over a network. This allows you to enables easy content sharing on the display without any cable work. 

Dual Pen Recognition

The Interactive Displays for classroom come with two styluses with varying thickness to provide you with an option of writing on the board simultaneously in different colour, using different font thickness. When not in use, the styluses can be placed securely on the magentic pen holden given at the bottom panel. 

Our Interactive Displays are absolutely safe 

Constantly looking at a digital screen may take a toll on your eyes. But in Globus Interactive Displays for education, we’ve made sure that nothing harmful is sent in the way of our users. The anti-glare technology reduces strain on eyes while the adaptive brightness ensures that the screen doesn’t look too bright to your eyes. Also, it comes with a writing mode during which tones down the brightness of the screen when a user is writing on it.

Rugged, Durable and Low Maintenance

Globus’ range of Interactive Displays is protected by toughened glass with anti-glare and scratch-resistant coating. This feature makes its installation very easy and convenient. Also, it makes our Smart Boards a perfect fit for classrooms.

In-Built Speakers

Globus Interactive Displays for business is equipped with a pair of powerful speakers. They are audible enough to sound a small to medium room. Apart from this, our Interactive Displays provide input ports to connect your external audio devices for added sound quality.

Areas of Application of Globus Interactive Displays

  • Conference Room
  • Board Room
  • Smart Classroom
  • Lobby Area
  • OPS Room
  • Command and Control Centre
  • Training Rooms
  • Educational Institutes

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tough and best interactive display
very amazing and reliable interactive display, installation was very smooth and on time. I received training at my own convenience, very impressed.
Review by Praveen / (Posted on 11/19/2020)
5/5 stars
This product is just awesome. However, be careful to check the size of the display and your classroom before buying an IFPD
Review by NK Khanna / (Posted on 9/18/2020)