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It is being said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future. However, given the pace at which AI is infiltrating every aspect of our lives, it is the indispensable part of us today. For the uninitiated, Artificial Intelligence is a tool that transforms the way we integrate information, analyze information and use the results to enhance our decision making.

artificial intelligence quick guide

The impact of AI can be seen in every walk of life, in diverse industry verticals including Education. It is being used in different educational tools and establishments to improve the learning outcomes. It has given a new perspective of education to teachers and students.

Given the popularity and utility of Artificial Intelligence, Globus Infocom (a leading Education Technology Provider in India) is not untouched by it. We have integrated AI in our state-of-the-art Interactive Displays to make instructional practice more streamlined and technologically empowered for teachers and students.

In this blog, we will throw some light on one of the most highlighting features of our Interactive Display; Artificial Intelligence Pen (AI Pen)

Artificial Intelligence Pen in Interactive Display

Interactive Display is a Touch-Enabled Display Device that allows teachers/presenters to write, create, brainstorm on an in-built Digital Whiteboard. The Digital Whiteboard software includes several types of Pen Tools including Marker, Paint Brush, Highlighter, Laser Pen, AI Pen, Shape Pen & Magic Line Pen.

What is Artificial Intelligence Pen (AI Pen)?

AI Pen is one of the many pens available in the in-built software that accompanies our Interactive Display, which can be selected from the Pen Tool section. This tool allows users to doodle on the whiteboard and converts them into Google Sources Images. It displays images based on the guess.

how to use AI pen

How to Use AI Pen Tool in Globus Interactive Display

  1. Click on the Pen Tool.
  2. Find the AI Pen option among the Pen Tools and click on it.
  3. It will open a drawing area with colour options to select from.
  4. Pick a colour of your choice and draw any object.
  5. The AI Pen uses Machine Learning to identify the object and suggests Google sourced images.
  6. You can select the most appropriate image from the suggestions and drag it onto the canvas.
  7. Resize or rotate as per your preference.

Benefits of AI Pen Tool

  • It can be used to demonstrate any concept to students using images from Google.
  • There is no need to navigate away from the Interactive Whiteboard to display Google images on the screen.
  • Students can be asked to draw an object accurately and let the AI Pen guess the drawing.
  • It makes using examples during classroom sessions easier and seamless.