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Interactive Displays have become a common digital tool to possess in schools, offices, conference rooms, board rooms, etc. Many Indian educational institutes are installing Smart Boards to facilitate smart learning and to make classroom environment more engaging. But there is more to this revolutionary technology than meets the eye.

Further bringing about advancement in Education Technology, Interactive Displays came into play. Interactive Display is a game changer technology that has been transforming education for the past few years with its myriad of features like aesthetically-appealing look & feel, vibrant display, easy installation, multi-touch and dual-pen support. It enables users to make visual presentations more vibrant, understandable while controlling the on-screen data through smooth and glitch-free touchscreen.

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Though initially deployed by businesses to improve collaboration in meeting rooms, conference rooms and board rooms, Interactive Displays are now being adapted in educational institutes like schools, colleges, training institutes in smart classrooms to replace traditional blackboards and whiteboards. These interactive touchscreen displays are helping these institutions to leverage the power of technology to enhance learning on a larger scale.  

Taking this further, we’re going to explain in detail how Interactive Displays are transforming education in India.

Interactive Displays have been making inroads in Indian education scenario for the past few years. They give presenters or teachers the ability to share multimedia-rich content on the screen without any cable hassles, which otherwise wasn’t possible with traditional blackboard/whiteboard. Teaching aided by multimedia-rich content (audio, video, simulations, etc) fuels students’ interest and makes classroom environment more engaging. A better engaged and involved student grasps and retains information in a more effective manner.

The advanced, next generation Interactive Displays are equipped with Ultra HD vibrant display with slim bezels for distraction-free viewing. It delivers incredible image quality with a wide-ranging colour palette to enrich a smart classroom session. With the help of its multi-touch support, Interactive Displays play a major role in amplifying classroom session into a collaborative learning environment.


Apart from ability to display visually-appealing content, Interactive Displays have enriched classroom environment in more than one ways. With the help of its powerful computing system, teachers can enjoy access to unlimited pool of knowledge from the repository and also over the internet.This easy accessibility to vast repository of information creates an opportunity for teachers to support their classroom sessions.

In traditional classroom setups, teachers used to spend a lot of time writing down notes on the blackboard or whiteboard while students wrote that down in their notebooks. This leads to wastage of more time on writing down the notes rather than focussing on the curriculum itself. Interactive Displays, with the option of easy data sharing (wireless screen sharing, wireless data transfer, USB data sharing) allows teachers to prepare notes beforehand and just display them on the screen. The relevant course-related documents can also be shared with students in few simple steps, giving more time to both teachers and students to focus on more important task i.e. learning.

Aside from easy connectivity and data sharing, Interactive Displays have proved to be a revolutionary classroom solution for its sheer vividness and picture quality.It produces images that are bright, crisp and high resolution that pique student’s curiosity and hold their attention in a more effective manner. It has been stated time and again in several studies that human mind understands visual language better. Several schools and colleges who have deployed Interactive Displays in classrooms have witnessed an upward trend in student engagement and overall academic performance.

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Additionally, Globus Interactive Displays come pre-installed with a tailor-made Interactive Suite to facilitate collaboration and interaction in classroom. It is equipped with features like AI Pen, Subject Tools, Geometry Tools, Videos, Images, Simulations, etc. to provide teachers with all the tools to amp up a regular classroom session. Its remarkable feature of remote content sharing allows instructors to push any content on its display remotely over a network. This way, teachers can interact with every student, including the ones sitting in the farthest corner of the classroom.

Above all, Interactive Displays has provided the educators across the world with an opportunity to embrace a more eco-friendly and cost-effective pedagogical methods. While the traditional teaching methods involved consumables like chalk, market, papers, etc., Interactive Displays have provided a paper-free, eco-friendly and convenient means of learning.

Interactive Displays provided by Globus Infocom are perfectly Indianised and tailor-made to suit the 21st century learning requirements of Indian educational establishments. Protected by toughened glass and a strong, rugged frame provides the strength to our display to survive everyday wear and tear of classroom usage. Aside from this, our Displays are protected by a layer of anti-glare coating to reduce strain on students’ eyes during long hours of usage.

Globus Infocom, a leading Make in India brand is one of the most prominent technology providers in the field of Smart Classrooms in India. Our vast product basket includes feature-rich and Ultra HD Interactive Displays available in various sizes suiting the diverse classroom requirements of our esteemed clients. Some of its prominent features include AI Pen, Dual Pen Recognition, In-Built Interactive Suite, Subject Tools, Slim Bezels and Ultra-Vibrant Display.

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