With increasing innovations in technology, security and surveillance solutions across the globe are evolving rapidly. What started with just a CCTV Camera has now advanced into AI-based Video Analytics, Wearable Technology, and Transport Surveillance (or Mobile Surveillance). Modern security systems feature high definition video surveillance coupled with smart video analytics features to keep a vigil on premises, property and fleet of an organization. To safeguard the security of fleet like school buses, cabs, public transport, ambulances, police vehicles and also the travellers within them, Mobile Surveillance plays a crucial role.

why mobile surveillance is neccessary

Before anything, let’s read what is a Mobile Surveillance Solution and how does it function.

What is a Mobile Surveillance Solution?

Mobile Surveillance Solution is an advance system that comprises of an IP CCTV Camera, Digital Video Recorder, Storage and Smart Computing System that form a network that offer live tracking, live video transmission, speed power management, SoS alerts, motion detection, collision detection, etc to keep a vigil on fleet like ambulances, school buses, cabs, public transports from a central control room.

They can be deployed by an organization to maintain a constant watch over their fleet, driver behaviour and passengers remotely and efficiently. Mobile Surveillance Solution is ruggedized in order to survive harsh environmental conditions and even collision, and corroborate events as they take place.

Reduces vandalism and theft of fleet

Mobile Surveillance Solution keeps a constant vigil on the fleet ensuring that none of the vehicle gets vandalised or stolen. The high definition video quality of the camera lets you watch over your fleet round the clock and clearer images also help you collect evidence in case of any untoward incident.

Keeping a watch on employees

Mobile Surveillance Solution comes with Geo-Fencing feature along with the real-time tracking to help you keep an eye on the route followed by your fleet handlers. Geo-Fencing lets you designate a virtual fence for your fleet and alerts you in real-time when the driver travels outside the boundary.

Check driver behaviour

With the help of CCTV Camera installed on the vehicle, the administration can check the driver for rash driving, altercations, road rage, etc. In case of any collision, the high definition video footage can be used to corroborate the happenings and help the management in insurance claims.

Prevents Over-Speeding

Mobile Surveillance Solutions come with speed power management that helps the administration to set a speed limit. In case of overs-speeding, the control room will receive alert. It can serve as a deterrent for drivers and prevent them from exceeding the speed limit. This feature is very beneficial in case of school buses and ambulances to safeguard the well-being of school children and patients respectively.


Monitor movement of your fleet remotely

Mobile Surveillance Solution comes with remote surveillance capabilities. The management can view the real-time video transmission footage, live location and other details from a far location on a PC, laptop or even a smartphone. This ensures that the organization is aware about the movement of their fleet round the clock without having to be in control room all the time. The video footages are also stored in a storage disk so that they can be viewed at a later time.

 Globus Mobile Surveillance Solution is a feature-rich and rugged device deployed to keep surveillance over fleet remotely. It comes with features like live video transmission, SOS alerts, speed power management, geo fencing to be used by monitoring authority to deter bad behaviour in the vehicle or reiterate any accident or mishap. Being compact in size, it fits inside any vehicle, irrespective of its size. The administration can view the footage and live location on their devices with the help of dedicated software.

 The CCTV Camera provided with Globus Mobile Surveillance (MDVR) records the video footage in high definition with fay and night recording function. It is also equipped with PTZ features which can be controlled via mouse or GUI.

 The recorded videos are stored with GPS location and time stamp for efficient storage and evidence collection. These videos can be obtained later easily using the time and date stamp for corroborating incidents.

 Apart from Mobile Surveillance, our range of Security & Surveillance solution includes IP CCTV Cameras, IP HD CCTV Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Dome Cameras, Fish Eye Cameras, NVRs, DVRs, Body Worn Cameras and other camera accessories.


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