The novel Coronavirus or Covid-19, has turned everyone’s life upside down. Life has hit a pause button around the world to curb the spread of this deadly virus. Around one-third of world’s population is under complete or partial lockdown currently, India being one of them. India is currently under a 45-day lockdown imposed by our honourable Shri Prime Minister Narendra Modi to halt the infection rate in the country. During this period, businesses and educational institutes are relying on modern technologies like Video Conferencing and Virtual Classroom to retain their day-to-day activities.

video conferencing for office and school

Corporates are taking important business decisions and meetings over Video Conferencing while students are able to continue their education via Virtual Classroom. Technology has stepped up to provide an opportunity to individuals and companies to function amid this pandemic. While some of the tasks are not plausible over video conferencing or online classroom, these tools have ensured a fair share of normalcy during this time.

Virtual Classroom LMS

Video Conferencing to the Rescue

Many corporates, conglomerates and MSMEs are making use of video conferencing to connect with their business delegates, colleagues and decision makers. Several organisations have asked their employees to stay connection through virtual meeting and work from home within the safety of their four walls. This has been made possible due to the advanced video conferencing technology that businesses have at their disposal.

With the help of innovative video conferencing software, virtual meetings are now more intuitive, interactive and realistic than they used to be few years ago. Staying ahead of the curve, Globus Infocom’s Video Conferencing Solution (that includes technically-advanced hardware along with interactive software) provides a life-like experience that makes virtual meeting as intuitive as a face-to-face meeting. With options like  high quality video conferencing even in low light, USB-recording, low bandwidth consumption, AES-256 encryption, facial recognition, dual codec at 1080p, wireless connectivity, etc, Globus Video Conferencing Solutions have made attending virtual meetings as convenient and feasible as the face-to-face ones.


Most importantly, Globus Video Conferencing provides AES-256 encryption that makes sure your conversations and shared content remains safe from cybercrime and theft. For the uninitiated, AES or Advanced Encryption Standard is the first and only publicly accessible cipher approved by the US National Security Agency (NSA). AES-256 that has a key length of 256-bits is practically undecipherable by the cyber criminals. This makes it the strongest encryption standard ever.

Also, Globus Video Conferencing Solution consumes little bandwidth, which makes virtual meetings feasible even in inadequate network infrastructure. Increased load on the internet providers have resulted in reduced speed. Thus, a video conferencing solution with bandwidth optimisation is a necessity.

Virtual Classroom to Ensure Normality in Education

Coronavirus lockdown impacted education as well. Many school children and college students are confined to home, with uncertainty over when their classes will resume. However, the educational institutes across the country came up with an innovative way to retain education. Many institutes, be it school or college, have resorted to Virtual Classroom or Online Classroom to continue the lessons.

virtual-classroom-for-education (2)

The Virtual Classroom platforms these days have innovated in terms of features to make online lessons as real as classroom teaching. Features like content sharing, live classes, assessments, assignments, polling, interactive whiteboard, multimedia content support, etc have enabled teachers to convey the lessons efficiently. Teachers can even upload notes on the platform, which can be downloaded by students for reference.  Globus Virtual Classroom  solution includes all the mentioned features along with high definition video streaming, unlimited cloud storage, virtual whiteboard, mobile compatibility and bandwidth optimisation to make online lessons feasible.

Also, Virtual Classroom is a modern concept that keeps students hooked. It certainly increases engagement among students, since lessons are aided by multimedia content like videos, animations, presentations. Since notes are available in the downloadable format on the platform, students don’t have to worry about procuring them in physical format. With everything available on their devices, students and teachers are able to continue the lessons without having to step out of their homes.


During these testing times, Video Conferencing and Virtual Classroom have emerged as a saviour for educational institutes and corporates. Courtesy of the innovations in existing technology, virtual meetings and online classrooms have been made more feasible, interactive, and serviceable.

Coronavirus-induced lockdowns have also established a fact that organizations should make the maximum use of technology and reduce dependence of conventional methods to execute their day-to-day activities. When all this is over, we are sure that establishments will emerge out accustomed to modern technology like video conferencing and virtual classroom.