Video Conferencing is the contemporary technology that has changed the face and pace of education and business. With the help of virtual meetings, people can now hold meetings with multiple users who are located in far locations. The technology also allows them to talk to them and see them in real-time. While the conventional video calling was only between two people, VC solutions can connect up to hundreds of users in a single network.


Globus Video Conferencing is a superior online meeting solution that lets you conduct video conference between multiple users in high definition and also enables them to record the meeting on a USB device or recording server.

Apart from this, virtual conferencing can be conducted via smartphone and tablet as well. Globus Video Conferencing Solution also packs a beneficial feature of conducting the video conference on a web browser. Any user can join the video conference with the help of Globus VC Solution’s WebRTC integration. It doesn’t require any third party service.

With the help of these futuristic features, Globus Video Conferencing Solution has changed the way we have been communicating for business and education purposes. It has opened up new avenues especially in the case of education. Now online classes can be easily conducted without requiring a bulky setup.

The above-mentioned features are just a tip of the iceberg of what Globus VC Solution has to offer in the field of education and business. Let’s read in detail how the video calling technology has made business meetings and online classes more cost-effective, effective and interactive.

Curbs Lack of Interaction

Often due to distance important meetings are rescheduled or are kept on hold. However, courtesy VC solution businesses can easily conduct official meetings even if the participants required are located in different locations. While for education, video conferencing has helped diminish the boundaries between teachers and students worldwide. Students can seek counsel from a lecturer situated in a different part of the world and similarly, a single teacher can cater to a larger number of students.

With the help of Globus Video Conferencing Solution’s features, teachers can interact with the students and vice versa. Doubts and queries can be raised easily over a video conference while teachers can seek help from multimedia content sharing to resolve them.

Share Content

Unlike the conventional two-user video calling, Globus Video Conferencing Solution provides a feature to share content real-time over conference. Through this feature, any type of content including videos, audios, whiteboard, data, graphs, maps, documents, etc can be shared with the participants of the conference. Businesses can easily share important information over the video conference. For education, this feature can be used to aid learning by sharing multimedia files, research data, videos, course content over the video conference.


Reduced Cost of Travel and Accommodation

Traveling and accommodating costs a lot of money to the educational institutes and businesses. Video Conferencing software has successfully eliminated the need to be physically present at a meeting/class. An employee can connect to his colleagues over video calls and similarly, a teacher can attend to hundreds of students via online classes. All this has been made possible via virtual meeting solutions. 

Connect Easily via Smartphone Anywhere, Anytime

Globus Video Conferencing App comes with an ease of connectivity. The dedicated application can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet or PC. This enables a user to join an online meeting from anywhere. Students will no longer miss their important classes even if they are not in the vicinity of their homes. Similarly, a business meeting can be made possible even if the participants are traveling.

More Humanized Conversations

Talking over email or texts can have their own limitations. Sharing videos are worth more than a million written words. Seeing others and showing yourself can impart a positive impact on the participants. An online class can be conducted via sharing information as well, but video conferencing has made it more humanized, collaborative and interactive. Students can not only interact with the teacher but also strike a conversation with their fellow students. Likewise, the participants of a video conference can interact with each other, agree, disagree and finally come to a conclusion.

Globus Online Meeting Solution is a powerful yet cost-effective collaborative solution for education and business. Even in case of inadequate telecommunication infrastructure, a smooth and uninterrupted video conference can be carried out with the help of Globus’ optimal bandwidth management.

Above all, Globus Video Conferencing Solution  comes with

  • AES-256 encryption, which is one of the most advanced and unbreakable security protocols of the current time. The data shared over the video conference is secured and encrypted. Thus, your data is safe from data theft.
  • Different variants including 2, 4, 6, 8 and more participants. All of our VC cameras support high resolution of video ranging from 1080p to 4K.
  • Easy content sharing. 
  • Dual Codec at Full HD resolution. 
  • Web Conference Management. 
  • Mobile Application for Windows, Android.