Adapting to technology in education is inevitable yet challenging for teachers and students alike. While teachers are coming up with innovative ways to keep students engaged, the latter are grappling with short attention span, unstructured routine and reduced engagement. Even though online classes or remote learning is beneficial in many ways, it true benefits are untapped if learners don’t stay focused during the class.

how to stay focused during remote learning

It is admittable that it is hard for students to stay focused during the long stretches of online classroom. However, with certain lifestyle changes and hacks, one can harness the true potential of online learning efficiently.

In this blog, we have summed up few tried and tested methods for learners to increase focus during online classes.

Tips to Stay Focused During Online Classes

  1. Structure your day
  2. Set up a study space
  3. Eliminate distractions
  4. Make sure your gadgets are working fine
  5. Sit alone during online classes
  6. Make notes
  7. Meditate or practice breathing exercises during breaks

Structure Your Day

Waking 5 minutes before the class seems convenient but you may be surprised to know that it is one of the reasons why you’re not able to focus. Wake up at least an hour before the class, like you would for an in-classroom session. Take a shower, dress decently and above all, have a healthy breakfast before you start the hustle.

structuring your day during online classes

Set Up a Study Space

Sitting with laptop or tablet in a bed can not only be detrimental for your back but will also make you lose focus easily. Our posture plays an important role in our attention span. Set up a study table and a comfortable, back-support chair along with a notebook and pen. Keep water bottle and some snacks handy to avoid getting up during the class.

Eliminate Distractions

While technology can widen our horizons of learning it can also play a distraction. Keep your smartphones away and don’t open social media websites in parallel. Checking news feed or replying to social media messages can break the rhythm of learning during the class.

Make Sure Your Gadgets Are Working Fine

You won’t want last minute technical glitches like faulty earphones, low bandwidth or internet issues during the class. Therefore, always check your equipment beforehand. Keep your laptop, PC or tablet in working condition so that you don’t face distraction during the classroom not able to see or listen to anything.

Sit Alone During Online Class

Do not sit in a crowded living room or a room to attend online classes. Pick a room with no people around or noises. Keep the doors closed to avoid background noise disturbances. You should also convince your family not to disturb you during your classes.

practice breathing exercises during online classes

Make Notes

Although online classes and learning management software includes feature to broadcast and share PDF (or Docx) notes to students, it is important for you to note down key points during the class. Jotting down important points keep us engaged as it facilitates a two-way transaction between teacher and students. You can also note down your problem area to clarify any confusion in future.

Meditate or Practice Breathing Exercises During Breaks

While it seems the utmost tempting thing to indulge in some social media or gossiping with classmates during the break, it is wise to give your eyes a bit of rest. Instead of burying your eyes on a screen again, practice simple meditation or breathing exercises. If meditation is a task for you, simply sit or lie down with your eyes closed. The goal is to replenish your mind and vision.

Stay Active

It is as important to stay physically active as it is to stay mentally alert. During the weekends or breaks, take brisk walks on your terrace or practice basic Yoga poses to stretch your muscles. It has been observed that students during online classes overlook their physical and mental health. Remember, great results are not coming without a healthy mind and body.


It is normal for our mind to wander to places during an online classroom. Therefore, it is important for you to make certain lifestyle changes to get the best of your online learning session. Leave all the distractions behind as soon as your classes begin. Remember, focus is they key to actually learn things, which avoids the last-minute stress right before the examination.