Virtual Classroom/Online Learning Solutions are becoming increasingly popular during these challenging times. It is no longer a new phenomenon, but in the view of current situation, they are witnessing widespread acceptance at rampant pace. Many schools and colleges as well as higher education universities are turning towards online classroom solutions or online classroom platforms to maintain continuity in learning during these uncertain times.

In this blog, we have explained everything you need to know about Virtual Classroom or Online Learning Solutions, its benefits and uses.

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Definition: What is Virtual Classroom?

Virtual Classroom LMS

Virtual Classroom is a teaching solution that uses video conferencing along with a Learning Management System to create a virtual learning environment where participants can communicate, collaborate and share content. With the help of video conferencing and internet, multiple users can connect on a single platform to create a classroom-like environment while Learning Management System maintains and manages all the learning resources at one place, which allows users to learn anytime, anywhere. It is also known as Online Learning Solution.

In other words, VC or Live Classes Solution is simple an online classroom environment facilitate by internet, video conferencing and a reliable Learning Management System. It involves either synchronous as well as asynchronous learning or either of them alone.

Types of Virtual Classroom: Unsupervised (Asynchronous) and Supervised (Synchronous) Virtual Classroom

There are two types of Virtual Classrooms; Supervised and Unsupervised depending upon the presence of an active instructor to guide and instruct students, as given below:

Supervised (Synchronous) Virtual Classroom

Supervised VC is the one where an active instructor or a teacher is present to instruct or tutor students. In this type of classroom, students have to be online to receive online learning sessions. It is also known as Synchronous Learning since students are in synchronization with fellow students.

Unsupervised (Asynchronous) Virtual Classroom

Unsupervised Virtual Classroom is when a classroom is devoid of an instructor or teacher to guide the students. In such type of classrooms, students can learn at their own pace with the instructor only present to evaluate students’ performance. Ready-made learning material is available in the learning repository which can be accessed by students anytime they want.

Most of the Live Classroom Solutions use both asynchronous and synchronous learning for instructor-led as well as self-paced learning methods. The Learning Management System is equipped with presentations, PDFs, video tutorials, etc. to aid learning while the Virtual Classroom software uses Video Conferencing for instructor-led Live Teaching.  

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Benefits of Virtual Classroom or Online Learning

Virtual Classroom Solution and software is a must-have to conduct a fruitful and impactful online learning session. Above all, Learning Management System serves as a convenient, central place where teachers and students can store and access all the learning material. Apart from this, there are umpteen benefits of virtual classroom software, some of which are mentioned below:

Access Learning Material in Virtual Classroom Anytime, Anywhere

Virtual Classroom Platform provides the freedom to students to access learning material or coursework 24x7 anytime and anywhere they want. Also for teachers, Online classroom platforms gives them benefit of teaching from anywhere across the globe. All they need is a laptop, internet connect and other digital device. After logging into the portal, teachers and students can access learning material, assessments, exercises, test papers, progress reports, presentations, videos, audios, etc.

Online Learning gives freedom to learn at your own pace

While discipline is important, it is equally important to let students explore the concepts at their own pace. Learning Management System Platforms and Virtual Conferencing provide freedom to students to learn at their own pace, choose their own interest areas and practice at their own time. However, with the help of LMS, teachers can still structure the learning methodology of students by assigning them homework, assessments, indulging them in group discussions and allotting projects. This amalgamation of freedom and structure shapes a child’s learning towards a life-shaping education.

Better Time Management Through Virtual Classroom Solution

Live teaching software provides better time management opportunities to both students and teachers. It rules out the need to travel to a certain place and gather under one roof, thereby saving time and reducing the total cost of education. Students can save hours of week via online learning software since it doesn’t require them to travel back and forth to college. Live Classroom Solutions saves valuable time, which can be better utilized into other tasks like group discussions, practice sessions, extra classes, etc.

Online Learning provides opportunity to go global in learning

When the entire world is transforming into a one global village with diminishing boundaries, why should education be left behind.  Online learning (distance learning) programmes offer opportunity to students to interactive with fellow students across the globe. They can also bring different perspectives on the table, making understanding complex concepts easier. Working closely with people belonging to different cultures, countries and aptitude helps them broaden their horizon when it comes to learning.

More Collaboration in Online Education

Online Live Class Platform or Virtual Classroom Solutions make more room for dialogue, discussions and collaborations. Since most of the discussions are online on the VC portal, they are not cut off when the bell goes off. The discussions can be sustained by sharing of content like presentations, videos, images, documents, PDFs, and what not. Additionally, everyone, even learners belonging to different countries can join in the conversation and add in their view point to it.

Instant Assessment and Feedback Via Learning Management System

In Virtual Classroom, it is quicker and more efficient to assess the progress of every student, which was otherwise wasn’t possible in case of conventional learning methods. Teachers can assign tests online and gauge the performance of every student instantly. This saves time which is otherwise spent in managing test papers and generating reports.


Sharpen Digital Skills with Technology in Classroom

Technology is something that every student will have to be exposed to in their day to day lives. Therefore, it is always better to introduce technology in their curriculum right from a young age. While using Online Teaching Solution/Software in India, students are not only able to access quality education as per their convenience, but will also hone their digital skills. Online Learning Solutions make students confident and highly productive while using interactive learning tools.

Difference between Virtual Classroom and Physical Classroom

Online Classroom is no different than the physical classroom when it comes to convenience. In a physical classroom students and teacher are gathered under one room physically and can see and hear each other. Teachers use Whiteboard or Blackboard for instructional practise while students note down contents of the board. Whereas in Virtual Classroom, students can see and interactive with teachers using a video conferencing while the learning resources can be accessed via a common pool called Learning Management System.

Components of Virtual Classroom and Online Learning Solution

Our Virtual Classroom Solution consists of the following components:

  • Learning Management System (Library of Learning Material and Tools)
  • Virtual Classroom Software (Live Classes and Content Sharing)
  • Interactive Display (With In-Built Online Whiteboard)

Learning Management System

Learning Management System is comprehensive software for administration, documentation, tracking and reporting of online learning. It serves as common pool where all the learning-related material is stored like e-books, PDFs, presentations, documents, videos, test papers, assignments, assessments, progress reports, etc. A teacher can upload the learning resources on the Learning Management System and students can access them anytime, anywhere as per their convenience. An LMS makes online learning more systematic, effective and less time-taking as compared to a traditional classroom. An effective Learning Management System also makes sure that teacher and students are on the same page while learning.

Teachers can navigate to the exact page of the document pertaining to the topic or they can even access a video resource to explain the concept better. The Learning Management System serves as a reliable repository of all the academic material. 

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom Software allows teachers to interact with students via audio-visual communication on a video conferencing. Simultaneously, it also enables instructors to share audio, video, PDFs, documents, worksheets, whiteboard, etc. to sustain their teachings. On Live Teaching Software, the entire classroom session can be recorded for future reference and revision. Other tools of Online Learning Software include Raise Hand, Breakout Rooms, Subject Tools, Instant Dictionary, etc.

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Interactive Display for Online Learning

Interactive Touch Display screens are an integral part of education technology. When installed in classrooms, they make pronounced changes in the pedagogical methods. In Online Learning, they play an important role at the central location, where the Live Classes are conducted from. Globus Virtual Classroom Solution includes an Ultra HD Interactive Display

The Interactive Display is pre-installed with our Online Classroom and Learning Management System software to conduct live classes using the in-built Interactive Whiteboard. It increases teacher’s efficiency and bolsters active learning during Live Classes. Instructors can access the unlimited pool of knowledge via internet and share the content with students sitting in their respective locations.

Why Choose Globus Virtual Classroom and Online Learning Management System?

  • Live Classes in High Definition
  • Secure live streaming with latest encryption standard
  • Lecture recording option
  • In-built interactive whiteboard
  • Live polls and surveys
  • Collaborative code editor for coding
  • Instant report generation
  • Multiple layouts
  • Hand raise option