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Interactive Displays have become increasingly common in the conference rooms ever since meetings have started to become a rather two-way communication between presenter and participants. Contrary to conventional meeting setups, the contemporary boardrooms demand something more engaging like Interactive Displays, Smart Boards, Interactive Whiteboards, etc. Interactive Displays for Meetings are rapidly appearing in conference rooms, huddle rooms and meeting rooms for good reasons; to make communication and delivery of presentation more productive, engaging, and yielding.

interactive display in meeting rooms

Interactive Displays for Meetings turn meetings/conferences into an amazing experience that produces valuable outcomes. They help businesses boost efficiency and foster collaboration between teams. With an intuitive interface and powerful efficiency, Interactive Displays play a larger role in revamping meeting rooms than we think.

5 ways in which Interactive Display transforms your meeting room (Interactive Display for Meetings)

In this blog, we have jotted down some amazing ways in which Interactive Display for Meetings are transforming the way you collaborate.

Interactive Displays in meeting rooms make presentations more comprehensible and fun

A simple presentation running on Interactive Boards or a projector screen may not be as impactful and engaging as a presentation on an Ultra HD Interactive Displays. Owing to its wide gamut of colours, high brightness and an anti-glare display, Interactive Displays is an appropriate tool to communicate effectively.

An Interactive Display also shifts the attention from presenter to the audience and content. It allows multiple participants to cast their content wirelessly from their personal devices, let them annotate/write on the document displayed and add a fun element to the presentations.

interactive display for presentations

More interactivity with Digital Whiteboard

The idea behind using a whiteboard feature in a meeting remains the same; to make group discussions and meetings more interactive, inclusive, and yielding. Nowadays, the traditional whiteboards have been replaced by Interactive Whiteboard that are a digitized version of their conventional counterparts. It provides a big, empty canvas to team members to collaborate by chalking out their ideas. With its multi-touch capabilities, multiple presenters can work simultaneously on a single board and reach a unanimous conclusion.

It simplifies data sharing

Instead of struggling to jot down important points in their notebooks, participants can focus on information being conveyed. The post-meeting notes can be distributed in the form of screenshots and recordings. The Interactive Displays includes the ability to screenshot important points and emailing them to multiple participants with ease. Also, with the help of 4K screen recording, entire meeting can be shared with participants in compatible formats.


It provides feasible connectivity

Connecting laptops and smartphones with the Interactive Displays is very simple with their multiple connectivity features. With its wireless screen mirroring and casting feature, it ensures great range of data sharing and interconnectivity. The integrated software with a myriad of user-friendly features, makes data sharing and collaboration effortless and easy; there are no cable hassles, no dongles and no extra installations. It encourages more input from every participant by providing an opportunity to initiate dialogue for everyone.

Initiate Video Conferencing in a jiffy

Interactive Displays in meeting rooms offer a more adaptable and convenient environment for video conferencing. They come with an in-built camera mounting plate on the top, making installation of any video conferencing camera easy and quick. It offers one-click initiation of video conferencing without any cable connections and setup delays. Simply dial up to the far-end and communicate with the help of an Interactive Display and an Endpoint. The 4-way split screen feature included in the Interactive Display, also allows a better perspective of content and people for more robust decision-making. With the help of video conferencing, the presenter can target a larger audience by including employees/clients who are present at far locations. With the right video conferencing solution and Interactive Display, remote participants feel more included and connected with the presenter. 


Bottom Line:

It won’t be an overstatement to say that Interactive Displays are heart and soul of a digitally equipped meeting room. Interactive Displays for Meetings are what textbooks are for classrooms. They are no longer a luxury but an indispensable part of a modern-day meeting room/conference room.

Apart from Interactive Displays, there are umpteen other digital tools that enhance the overall collaboration and meeting room experience. Smart Podium, for an instance, is a must-have device for meeting rooms and seminar halls that work perfectly in conjunction with Interactive Displays. They provide the freedom to presenters to make presentations without having to grapple with multiple controls on a system. With the seamless interface and highly intuitive multimedia controller, presenter can toggle between content, control the content on the Interactive Display, control audio input and output with a single touch.

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